Sunday, July 22, 2007

Create Dummy or Disposable Email Address using Gish Puppy

Now a days there seems to be more Junk Mail in my Mail Box than actually Mail and really wanted to find a service that would serve as a temporary MailBox and one such service is GishPuppy.

GishPuppy offers an Online Free Email Disposable Service that one can used on website for subscriptions, services etc. The email id would be something like All emails from this email id would be forwarded to your actual Email address

Advantage of Email Disposable service is that you need not give out your actual Email Address to unknown services or people. Gish Puppy has a spam filter service where if it recognizes a spam email than the service is cancelled and you will not receive mails from that service. looks like an Intelligent Disposable Email Service.

I have been using Gishpuppy for sometime and have actually found it quite realiable. Which Disposable Email Service do you use. I would be interested in knowing about other Disposable Email services
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Michael Findling said...

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