Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Copy Backup and Rescue using HD Clone Software

All of us would have had a Hard Disk Crash atleast once till now and more if you are a Hardware Geek. I had been looking for a Software that would clone my Hard disk or CD's and one of my friend had recommended me the HD Clone software.

HD Clone is a Professional Hard Disk Cloning Software that is available in Five Different Version. There is a Free Version available for users with cloning ATA/SATA media with up to 300 MB/min

The Software can be primarly used to Clone hard disks. HD Clone software would offers all the utilities to copy one hard disk into another Hard disk. The Free Edition supports IDE/ATA and SATA/eSATA hard disks and is able to copy up to 300 MB/min.

The Basic Edition of the HD Clone Software would cost you 20Pounds and has a Number of Features that are not included in the Free Edition.

Once the Software is Installed it would get Activated at Boot up to make clone Image of Hard disk. You can Bypass the Cloning process if you do not wish to Clone your Hard Disk.

HDClone has its own operating system and is self-booting, it can be used even if the installed operating system is damaged.HDClone is also a great solution for data rescue on damaged hard disks or system installations.
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