Monday, July 02, 2007

Blogger Series 3 :How to Show Blogger Code in the Post using < and >

Here is a trick that one can use to show Blogger code in your post. If you try adding a Blogger code in your post for example the code in the post then see what actually happens.

First i would add the Blogger code with out any modifications and in the second method i would add some preheads and post heads to show the Blogger code as it was coded by me.


Second i would add the code withe some modifications that would reveal the total code instead of just the <$BlogDateHeaderDate$> code alone


Till now i have been adding these codes to an image in Microsoft Paint and adding that as an image in the Posts. Here is a trick that i learnt and could be used to post Blogger codes in your post.

  • Start off in the first line with Break code Break
  • Second add <<> as prefix
  • Add <>> as the suffix
  • End it with a Break
  • Repeat this as many times to show the code in a Number of lines
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