Sunday, July 01, 2007

Blogger Series 2:Show Blogger Header Date in Multiple posts per day

Here is a question that many of the visitors have emailed me. How to show the date in Multiple posts that were posted on the same day.If you are a user of Blogger and a regular blogger writting multiple posts per day then that is a problem.

Blogger Code has a restriction that when you use the following code the date is displayed only on the first post that you make on each day. If you have multiple posts that were posted on the same day then the Date would not appear on each of these posts if using the code on the left

Here is a turn around trick that can be used in Javascrip that would allow Bloggers to post the Date on Multiple posts that were posted on the same day

The code on the left would assign the <$BlogDateHeaderDate$> value to a variable postDAte.

This variable postDate can then be used outside the code to dispaly the post date on each post that were posted on the same day.

By using this trick you are working around the restriction that would prevent you from dispaying the Date on the Blog header on Multiple posts per day.

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saer said...

hi my friend ,
I have read your post regarding how to show date header in more post which are posted in one day ! but i need from u more help please and i promise to give u credit if u help me please :) first can u specific how and where to put the javascript in the template ! and can u post it as html because i cannot copy it !and is it really works with any template? thanks for ur help