Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Best Free Registry Cleaner For Non Commericial Use

Anti Virus and Anti Spyware go in hand together. You need to have both Anti Spyware and Anti Virus Product for a Healthy PC. The first Section that get affected from a Spyware, Adware or Malware is the Registry. Further adding to them are the Softwares that do not Clean up Completely when Uninstalled from the PC.

Registry is Probably the most sensitive part of your Windows XP, Vista or Other Operating Systems. Tweaking too much in to the Registry(probably the hear of the OS) without a knowledge what you are actually doing can only lead to Scary Situation of Reinstalling the OS.

Tweaknow is Free Registry Cleaner Software that cleans all the mess created by other Softwares that are Uninstalled. Tweak Version 3.01 which is the Latest Updated Version supports the Windows Vista OS. TweakNow has other Premier Editions with Advanced Features for purchase by Interested users.

Tweaknow creates Backup of all the Registry before a scan begins and also offers customization option to check only for a Particular Registry change. Tweaknow has a Simple GUI and Solid Performance in terms of Registry Cleaning.

Another Must have Utility for all PC Owners! and can be Downloaded at Tweaknow Website.

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Michael Mifsud said...

I tried couple free registry cleaners, mainly I like CCleaner.