Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Backup Online Series: Xdrive Online Backup Storage Service

Continuing the Online Backup series and after discussing about Mozy and Carbonite here is another Online Storage provider Xdrive. Xdrive is a serice provided by AOl and is similar to a Virtual Drive that is installed on your Hard Disk. It is like a Gmail Virtual Drive that is installed on your Hard Drive.

Xdrive offers a Free service where users would be provided with a Free 5GB of Storage Service and offers Additional storage service for $9.95/month. The paid storage service would be 50GB of Online Storage space.

Xdrive compared to Mozy, Carbonite is priced a little higher to a normal user. But Xdrive offers certain features that are absent in Mozy and Carbonite, Xdrive allows a drag and drop service where users can just drag and drop files on or from the Xdrive Virtual Drive.

Xdrive also allows users to share access to files that are stored online from anywhere in the world. Users need to send an invitation to friends who would need to access the online stored files. I particularly like this feature of Online storage as it really helps me to share my files across computers and friends.

Xdrive has a really impressive professional performance but its expensive for a normal user who would probably upload about 1-2GB per month. The Free version of Xdrive seems to be more than enough for any user to backup his documents,spread sheets,video files etc.

Finally we are going to have a look at Ibackup before concluding which is the best Online storage provider among Mozy,Ibackup,Xdrive and Mozy. What do you think of Xdrive? post your comments.
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Anonymous said...

XDrive has been sliding in customer service since it's taken over by AOL.

Check out its ranking at the online backup ranking website:

It is not even in the top 10.

JCR777 said...

As always all your reviews and comments are great! It is a great site to visit. I wanted to share some information with you as well. I have been backing up my computer for FREE. I started with a FREE 2GB account however my passion for music grew and now I needed more space to backup all of my .mp3 for my Ipod. So it is king of hard to find good reliable backup out there I have paid the price! Till I found the BEST backup ever I just pay $4.95 dollar a month and I get UNLIMITED backup. UNLIMITED! not like other website that claim they have a 500GB cap. I work as a graphic designer and all of my files are stored currently I have 1.2TB of storage and it works great!
Another feature I like is that I log in via their website portal and access all my files from any computer. I have even downloaded some .mp3's to my friends computer. I believe that this website is the best out there. Please beware of mom and pop companies don't just store your files on any backup site. This site has been reviewed by Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, Christopher Null of Yahoo! Tech and winner of the PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award. It is the most secure, feature rich and inexpensive backup service in the world. So don't wais your time with other providers and free your hard drive as I did.

Hope it works for you. Ohh did I mention it is available for WIN and MAC?


FTP said...

Yes, online storage / online backup service has become quite hot lately following EMC’s $76 million acquisition of Mozy, an online backup service startup. Well, $76 million is a huge number for a small company started less than 2 years ago, with only 300K users and a small amount of revenue. So that is interesting who will be acquired next? I have followed this industry for a long time, and have personally tried many different services. I know xdrive, mediamax, and all have more users than Mozy and some of these companies have much better technologies / services than Mozy.

Anyway, Mozy is likely to exit free/cheap service business sooner or later. and XDrive is an AOL company somehow makes a lot of people unhappy. For a detailed review of these services, please visit my web page:

Anonymous said...

Until very recently, my backup strategy has been good. I keep duplicate copies of everything on multiple hard drives in my office and I have another set of drives that I rotate home from the office in order to maintain an off-site backup. Right now I am trying out as a solution for my backup online. It works as a service and provides a secure network link to my private file storage account. I hope you find this useful.


Simone79 said...

I would like to add MEMOPAL at the list of on line back up softwere.
I saw it is still in Beta version, but it already allows to storage unlimited data, access from everywhere and from mobile, and the possibility to share data on line via mail too. It seems very complete application !

Anonymous said...

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