Monday, July 23, 2007

Backup Online Series: Mozy Online Backup Storage Service

Mozy is another Online Backup service that is comparable to the Performance of Carbonite. Mozy offers a Free service with a Limit of 2Gb for low end users and charges 5$ per month for users who need more Backup Storage space.

Mozy has a neat interface and include various options like (Backup all document files only). You can customize as you like for Backing up files from your PC. Mozy up loader also works in the background while you can perform your normal work on your PC. Mozy even lets to customize when the backup should run on your PC. like for example you can customize to run the backup between 10pm and 6am in the night. Mozy even lets you customize the upload rate from your PC.

Mozy even supports External drives attached to your PC but with a restriction that the drives need to appear as "Fixed" drives in Windows. It supports Windows XP,Vista and Mac OS-X operating systems.

The best feature in Mozy is the security feature. Mozy add a private encryption key to all the files you upload. This encryption key is the only key to decrypt the uploaded files. If the key is lost.. Forget it .. The Files are gone for ever. They cannot be decrypted. Interesting but very reliable security Feature.

Mozy offers another feature where you can request a DVD to be Fedexed to you incase your files are too large. This probably would save you time and resources if you have to download Gigabytes of files.
Overall Mozy seems to impress more that Carbonite and other competitors with its features and low price. Which Online Backup Storage service do you use . Post your comments.

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David Thomas said...

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