Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Backup Online Series: Ibackup Online Backup Storage Service

We had already discussed about 3 different Online Backup storage service Mozy, Carbonite and Xdrive. Concluding this series is Ibackup Onlnie storage service.

Ibackup is probably the oldest of the Online Backup storage services Mozy, Carbonite and Xdrive. Ibackup provides a similar service like the Xdrive with a Free trail offer and charges about $9.95 for small Online storage space of 5GB.

Ibackup seems to be more directed towards towards corporate services rather than individuals . A 300GB space of storage costs about 300$ per month. This exorbitant pricing seems to outweigh its features to a common user.

Ibackup and Xdrive seems to provide a faster and flexible service compared to Mozy and Carbonite. Ibackup similar to Xdrive installs a Virtual drives on to the users PC and you can use the Drag and Drop feature to download or upload files from the Online Storage drive.

Ibackup thought has some great features like a Toll Free Support number and State of the art security features doesnt seem to be worth its Money. It could only be afforded by the "riche rich".

Finally Mozy and Carbonite seems to be some great Online storage services. Mozy is much impressive with its Design, File Sharing Technique and Encrpyion service seems to the Ideal Online Backup storage service provider for normal users. What service do you use? Post your comments.

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Anonymous said...

IDrive-E (http://www.idrive.com) is a popular online backup service now and is only behind mozy in signup rates, and ahead of carbonite. You may want to review this service offering.