Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to Create Backup of entire Blog

The sight of the "Blue screen" was pretty familiar to many of us years back. Windows and DOS machines used to crash and we would end up with this so called "Devil Blue Screen". Have you ever wondered if something happens to your blog account and is unrecoverable.

Well if you havent its time to have a though and backup all your posts. Here is a simple way that blogger users can use to back up their entire posts and comments in a single file. First all you need to do is &) Login to your Blogger account

2) Once you Login goto the Template editing mode and make a Backup of your current template
3) Replace the template code completely with the Below code

4) In your Dashboard - settings section - Formatting change the Number of posts on the main page to N.

5) The N option would show N no of posts on the main page

6)In Settings-Formatting set Date/Time Format to the format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM|PM.

7)In Settings - Formatting set Convert Line Breaks to No. and in Settings - Archiving set the Archving Frequency to NO

8) This would create a single file with all the post. Save the file in your browser. Once the backup is complete restore the Original template and restore the normal settings.

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1 comment:

Siddu said...

Hi Kishore,
the code you have given is not working.could not parse xml error.

I did a little search and came across

below is the tip

An easy way to backup your blog.

This page lists the latest N posts from the blog:
Instead of N, type the number of posts. If your blog has less than 1000 posts, you can save this page:

I enjoyed reading other posts in your blog.