Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My New year at the Time square -New York

Happy New year to all readers of my blog Nuvve Nuvve Yet another year has been completed and it was a great beginning for me. I had the opportunity to be at the Time Square-New York .NYC -Time square is problably the best place to be on the eve of the new year.

It was just awesome,spectacular,magnificent and i dont have a word to describe it. With about 1 Million people reaching New york for the new years eve i would called the wonderland on the new year's eve .NYC the most buzzing place in the world was magnificent with the enormous crowd cheering,kissing, singing ,dancing, laughing with enormous amount of confetti at the new year's eve.

The famous flashy new year Eve ball was dropped down a flag pole to a countdown chorus by over 1 million people who were at the Time square. People were cheering and laughing unfazed by over long hours of standing in the mild cold weather without food,water and access to bathrooms. I too was one of them.

Time Square is located at the intersection of the 42nd Street and 8th Avenue in Newyork. I reached NYC at around 4PM on DEC 31st 2006 and i got into a zone on the 45th street which is around 3 blocks from the ball drop. I had the perfect view and i could have asked for no better view.

The spirt of the people was just so amazing. It was alive with music going on and on all around starting from 6pm in the evening till midnight until the clock ticked 12.00am. Performances from popular bands like Jersey boys, P.L.Z and Christina Aguilera had the crowd entertained for the long hours of standing.

Here are a few snapshots that i took on the new years eve at the time's square
Time square where the Ball Drop takes place

NYC Police clearing the street on the eve of New year

Chevrolet the main sponsor for the event. People just waiting for countdown to 12am
Millions of Vistors filles up the streets from the 42nd street to about 70th street

Confetti being poursed down on people as every hour passed through for the new year
Moment everyone had been waiting 12am 01/01/2007 Time Square, New york city

what better place could i be than the newyork city on the new years eve. Word's cannot describe it you need to see it for yourself.

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