Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Diskeeper Professional 2007: Ultimate Tool for Defragmentation

Is your computer running below its full performance then one good reason could be that the files have been fragmented a lot and that really slows the peformance of your PC. Here is one tool that i really found usefull in improving the performance of my PC.

Diskeeper is a simple tool that improves your file system performance by real time defragmentation. The best part is its ease and simplicity in design and in terms of its usage. All you have to is launch the application and then schedule a launch. using Diskeeper has increased my laptops performance by about 20 percentage.

With the Diskeeper 2007 a new technology name InvisiTasking. Invisi Tasking is a new technology that has been coined from two words "invisible" and "multi tasking".It means that the operations take place in the background invisibily without affecting the performance of your system.

Diskeeper performs real time defragmentation in the background with fragmentation prevention and online directory consolidation features. The cool feature is that it removes fragmentation as and when it occurs. Its performance and functionality are far superior than any other programs that i have used for improving my PC's performance.

Diskeeper is currently available in 7 different options starting from the Home edition to the Professional or the Server Version. The latest version of Diskeeper is not compatible with Windows Vista Operation system but a new version that is compatible with Vista is to be released in the coming weeks when Vista would be released to public.

Here are a few snapshots of my usage of diskeeper on my laptop. This is the main menu of Diskeeper showing the partitions present in your hard disk
You can setup either the Auto Defragmentation or the Manual option which ever is more suitable for you. Then you can right click on the partition on your hard drive and click Deframent .

Findings and Recommendations:Before Defragmentation begins Diskeeper analyzes your hard disk and gives your information about the disk. first it gives you Finding and recommendation section where a description of the hardisk along with the no of fragmened files. Further Diskeeper gives you a number for the excess no of fragment files that are present in your disk

Health Ration:Next would be health report about the disk . It would indicate whether your system is in good condition,degraded, warning or other stages. It also indicates a message telling you the fragment ration in your systemAccess time: This is the cool feature that i really liked. It gives you a snapshot of the current read time of the files on your PC and compare it to an Optimum read time of a PC. It also indicates a graph that inform regarding the improvement in access time on disk deframentation.
Here is a snapshot after defragmentation . The zones in red indicating files and folders that are slow to access and the zones in blue are one that can be accessed quicker.
Look at the file structure before the defragmentation of one of my disk. check it out yourself by installing the trail version of diskeeper for free (30days) from here
Here is one good article on the impact of disk fragmentation

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dennis Hwang the master behind Google Logo's Design

Everyone knows about Google and we atleast vist Google atleast once in a day.Every time there is a special occassion there is a change in Google's Logo. Have you ever wondered who is behind that creative art of designing Google's Logos ?.

He is none other than Dennis Hwang. He is probably the most infamous artist in the world. His designs are viewed millions of times across the world. Google has started about in 1999 and Page and Brin had this concept of changing the Google's Logo based on their visits to special events. Hwang was initially hired back in 2000 to design logo's for Google and since then he had never looked back.

Hwang an Arts Major first redre the july 4th logo in 2000. Page and Brin were happy with the Logo and hence he was given the job of designing a new logo from scratch. His first design was the Bastille Day. From then on Hwang has been incharge of Google's Webmaster and spends 20% of this time in Designing logos.

Being there at Google for about 7 yrs Hwang spends most of his time programming and managing site content for Google's websites. Hwang has been working with the six letters G-O-O-G-L-E for a long time modifiying them to footballs, fireworks, hearts,stones etc .

The best feature that i like about the Google's Logos are that they are search dependent. In means that the Logos are going to dependent on the search query. Different logos will appear based on different queries

You can check out the Collection of Logos at :
For the official Logos at :
Logos Archive Collection: 2006,2005,2004,2003,2002,2001,2000,1999
Fan Logos:

Caution:Before using any of the Logo's be sure to read the Google's permission page. As Google like to preserve the history of each Logo it wants each Logo a special treatment before retirement.

51windows has a cool collection of Google's Logos. The site gives you information of the date the Logo was published.

Some of the Fun Fake Google logos can be found at

Daggle website has pictures of Google's Log design on Boards

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BootVis from Microsoft- The performance optimization tool

I have been having the same age old problem. My Laptop takes too long to boot. Well the configuration is pretty nice with a 1.7GHZ processor and about 1GB in RAM along with basic software on my PC.

Here is one tool that i have been using for some time and found it quite useful in optimizing the boot time of my PC. Well with the phenominal growth of Technology in 2006 companies have been under tremendous pressure to produce faster processors. You really dont want to spend time infront of your PC waiting for it to boot up.

In General people would like to boot their computers fast whether it is from cold boot or from a standby or hibernate state. Here is one tool that has been developed by the microsoft team and many of us are unaware of this piece of software named BootVis.

Bootvis doesnot improve the performance of your PC. Bootvis is basically a tool that performs normal routines as those part of windows XP. These routines basically optimize the boot process of your PC.

Here are some features that you can compare with the performance of your PC:
  • An ideal PC should boot to a usable stage in a period of 30 sec
  • If the PC was in a hibernate state it should resume to normal in about 20sec
  • Resume from the standby stage in 5seconds
Compare the performance of your PC with the above results. If results match then your PC is booting to the ideal time if not you need to fix your PC to improve the startup time of your PC.

Caution: These features are based on a basic installation of Windows XP. So if you have many softwares that are invoked at startup then you really cannot expect anywhere close to these results
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My New year at the Time square -New York

Happy New year to all readers of my blog Nuvve Nuvve Yet another year has been completed and it was a great beginning for me. I had the opportunity to be at the Time Square-New York .NYC -Time square is problably the best place to be on the eve of the new year.

It was just awesome,spectacular,magnificent and i dont have a word to describe it. With about 1 Million people reaching New york for the new years eve i would called the wonderland on the new year's eve .NYC the most buzzing place in the world was magnificent with the enormous crowd cheering,kissing, singing ,dancing, laughing with enormous amount of confetti at the new year's eve.

The famous flashy new year Eve ball was dropped down a flag pole to a countdown chorus by over 1 million people who were at the Time square. People were cheering and laughing unfazed by over long hours of standing in the mild cold weather without food,water and access to bathrooms. I too was one of them.

Time Square is located at the intersection of the 42nd Street and 8th Avenue in Newyork. I reached NYC at around 4PM on DEC 31st 2006 and i got into a zone on the 45th street which is around 3 blocks from the ball drop. I had the perfect view and i could have asked for no better view.

The spirt of the people was just so amazing. It was alive with music going on and on all around starting from 6pm in the evening till midnight until the clock ticked 12.00am. Performances from popular bands like Jersey boys, P.L.Z and Christina Aguilera had the crowd entertained for the long hours of standing.

Here are a few snapshots that i took on the new years eve at the time's square
Time square where the Ball Drop takes place

NYC Police clearing the street on the eve of New year

Chevrolet the main sponsor for the event. People just waiting for countdown to 12am
Millions of Vistors filles up the streets from the 42nd street to about 70th street

Confetti being poursed down on people as every hour passed through for the new year
Moment everyone had been waiting 12am 01/01/2007 Time Square, New york city

what better place could i be than the newyork city on the new years eve. Word's cannot describe it you need to see it for yourself.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Windows XP shortcut keys for your Keyboard

Are you a geek or a computer buzz who spends most of their time infront of your PC or laptop either at work or home. Then these tips will be most useful for you. Shortcuts are always over looked by people as most of us stick to the conventional ways of doing things.

What is so great about keyboard short cuts?? Well first using keyboard shortcut saves time and second its lets you use them with out lifting your hand off the keyboard. Second it cuts down the time you would take everytime you would reach out for the mouse.

  • CTRL-ALT-DEL: This is probably the most used shortcut at times when Windows used to pop up the blue screen now and then making you go mad at times. Pressing this combo of keys simultaneously opens the Task manager to see a list of processes and applications that are running on your computer. You can force shut down any applications that are not responding by right clicking on the application and using the END NOW PROCESS link

  • Windows + E: shortcut lets you launch Windows Explorer defaulting to the My Computer.

  • CTRL + S: This shortcut is basically used to save files that you are currently working on . This feature has helped me many times when i accidentally closed down some windows. It helps you to save files from time to time without loosing them.
  • CTRL+O : This shortcut is used to open files window that you normally open using the File menu in your Browser or Explorer.
  • CTRL+C: This shortcut is used mainly used to copy files/ highlighted text or icons from one location to another location.
  • CTRL+V: This shortcut is used to paste the data or files that you have copied from one location to another location.
  • CTRL+X:Using this shortcut one can cut files or text from one file
  • CTRL+A: This shortcut lets you to select all the contents of the current file that you are woking on or select all the files in the folder that you are currently on
  • ALT+TAB: It lets you switch between all the tab windows that are opened currently.
  • F3(Function key): searches for files on your desktop
  • F2(Function key): You can rename a selected file or folder
  • Windows+M: Minimizes all the windows that are currently open in windows
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