Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vizu Answers Poll Make Extra Money on your Website

Growing Adsense has become the annoying Nonsense and so are users frustrated with ads popping up all the time due to poor web designs. Here is a tool that would neither annoy the visitors but at the same make some extra monetary value to your Blog.

Vizu Answers is an internet Market Poll advertiser that would post Interactive Web polls on the websites. Publishers would be able to monetize by hosting these polls on their websites or Blogs and would be paid as opinions are posted by the visitors.

The best part about this Poll is that these ads are very user friendly and are placed in Java script. Doing so prevents the page from reloading once a visitor makes a poll on the Vizu Poll.

Anyone can sign up on the Vizu poll site and start hosting polls on their websites. Vizu hosts Demographics Polls until some advertiser requests for a Poll. As publishers signup they can create their own customized Polls ( like the background color,font,font-size) and the width of the poll zone.

The publisher(that is you) would earn money for every impression that is created on the poll and Vizu has a small payout amount of 50$. Vizu also pays a referal pay of 2$ for each Referral signup. Publishers Set Their Own Rates and You set the minimum CPM (cost-per-thousand page views) price for each Poll Zone in your account, and you can modify your price at any time.

This Web Poll seems to be very impressive to conduct internet polls for users,companies and about products in the market. Does that ring bells for the advertising companies?? .

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