Friday, December 15, 2006

Post it Software Notes: Make Notes & Reminders on your desktop

"Information overflow" is the current phase of technology in 2006. There is suddenly so much information around and there is always a chance that you can forget important appointment and notices. Here is a tool that i have been using for sometime and i have found it quite usefull for reminders.

Post-it Note in general is a piece of stationary with a bit of gum on the back that can be used for temporarily attaching notes on boards,documents etc. The e-version of it is sold by a company 3M.

Its pretty simple all you have to do is first download it from here and install it

Next you can click for note and open a new note to make important notes . These notes can be placed as reminders on the desktop and that would helps you in remembering things at all times.

Post-it® Digital Notes lets you make and organize lists, plan projects step by step, sort your notes by category, personalize messages with photos, even set alarms to remind you of appointments or key dates.

The software is available for free for about 30 days and the full version can be purchased online for about 20$.

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