Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nintendo Wii: Perfect and Ultimate Christmas gift for Teenage Kids

Nintendo the oldest and largest company in Video gaming console market launced Wii on November 14th 2006 across USA. In 7 days of sales Wii's sales had crossed 1 Million(source)and providing a tough competition to the high priced and troubled Sony PS3 and in range to the Microsoft's Xbox. Well i wouldn't say actual competition but something that would keep Sony and Microsoft on their toe's all the time. Nintendo's Wii is currently prices at 250$ across USA about half the cost of PS3 and about 50$ less that Microsoft Xbox and is available at leading stores all over the country.

The initial reactions in the market is that Wii is fun and it really has brought even non video gamers to love it. The Wii is simply a blast to play and stands apart from its competitors.Wii is appealing to consumers as a safe, family-fun system. Many see it as a device for the entire household to enjoy, while as the Xbox 360 continues as the primary system for the household's serious gamers.Wii has been welcomed in the United states warmly and with open arms. It had received an enormous press coverage and it does really live up to its expectations (source).

Wii console is Nintendo's smallest home unit yet; measuring 44 mm wide, 157 mm tall, and 215.4 mm deep in the vertical orientation. It is the size of 3 DVD cases with a slot loading disk drive in the front. The console can be places either horizontally or vertically .Wii has an inbuilt wi-fi enabling to connect to the Wi-mote and Nunchuck controller. Wii's motion-sensing controller smacks of gimmickry, is appealing to consumers as a safe, family-fun system. Its virtual console has a nostalgic appealing making it the next generation gaming systems. It also has a SD slot to store photos, Games . Wii also has a sensor box that could be placed either on top of the TV or below it. This sensor box connects the Wii's console and the Wii-mote and the Nun chuck controller.Many see it as a device for the entire household to enjoy, while as the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 continues as the primary system for the household's serious gamers.

Wii comes in with a motion sensitive system that translates movements of the Wii mote controller and the Nunchuck into Racket swings, Baseball hits,Steering wheel motions etc. The primary controller is held in the right hand and it includes a power button on top left followed by Direction buttons similar to previous Nintendo consoles. Further for some games we need to include a Nunchuck controller that could be held in the left hand. The Nunchuck is attached to the Remote with a Chord and included two buttons on top with an analog stick on the top. The incorporation of motion detection into realtime games indeed is an amazing technological advancement by Nintendo. While the Wii's controllers is very innovative its processing power is not. It lacks the HD teachnology as that of a Sony PS3 or an XBox.

Nintendo include a Wii Sports game CD that includes 5 games and also an introductory course that explains How to use Wii?. It also includes a Mii Channel that allows you to customize your avatars in the games. The system also includes a Shopping channel to purchase Classical Video games from Wii online for about $5-10. Wii is also backward compatible with GameQ and older gaming systems. The console features ports on top to connect game pads for playing older version games. Wii with its motion sensitive technology and its much viceral feeling of play makes it more connected rather than mashing buttons. Wii doesnt have the best graphical features as that of Ps3 or XBox. The graphics are cartoonic and simplistic but its console does offer a nostalgic appeal and Nintendo for sure wont dissapoint us. We will know with time whether Wii is a short term novelty, sea storm or a revolution in gaming world. Time will decide Nintendos fate in the Video game world.

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