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Ipod vs Zune: Top Mp3 Players War has started

Apple had released ipod on October 23rd,2001 and there was no lookback in the world of mp3 players. Ipod indeed has been the most successful mp3 player in the current era. Comptetitors like Creative,iriver,samsung did come in with similar products but just went back. So what's new in the market for the customers. Microsoft had lauched "probably could be called as Microsoft's Ipod" Zune mp3 player on November 14th,2006. Zune is know is first mp3 player in a connective environment and what it means is that zune users can share enterainment like albums,movies,videos etc. This is a new leap that takes Zune much ahead compared to other players in the market.Zune is expected to give tough competition to established Ipod in coming months.

So you now have two products and you are not sure to go in for Apple's ipod or Microsoft Zune mp3 player. Let me help you in making some quick decisions as which one of those is best suitable for you. To give a match we are comparing the 30GB ipod with the Zune mp3 player. To begin with first lets compare the looks of ipod and Zune mp3 players.

Zune comes in black, brown and white compare to Ipod in Black and White.Zune slightly edges over ipod in terms of size and screen size(unsurprising QVGA). Navigation through albums is highly intuitive in Zune. Ipod is slightly thinner than Zune which in turn makes it lighter than the zune player. Vidoes and Albums look far superior in Zune compared to Ipod and Zune gets +1 here over Ipod.

Start of with Ipod is Incredibly thin and intuitive design; beautiful LCD; supports photo and video playback; seamless integration with iTunes, which boasts the world's biggest music catalog and a new video store; smooth video; lots of extra features, such as a world clock, a stopwatch, and PIM applications; a galaxy of accessories designed for the iPod; great overall value.Microsoft's Zune has very good playback performance of audio, video, and photos; intuitive and colorful interface; good FM radio with RDS; works well with Zune Marketplace software; integrated wireless allows sharing of songs (limited) and photos; many accessories available at launch.
  • Storage: Ipod and Zune both have a capacity of 30GB
  • Battery life: Ipod(14 hrs) Zune(12hrs) Ipod goes +1
  • Screen Size: Ipod(2.5 inches) and Zune (3 inches) diagonally Zune goes+1
  • Wireless:The current features no Wifi connectivity whatsoever, Zune, however, is 802.11g Wifi enabled, and features a slew of sharing and broadcasting features Zune goes +2
  • Navigation:The iPod clickwheel is simple to use, and an intuitive interface. The Zune circular buttons, are merely a directional pad. While video of the Zune UI looks stylish and eye catching, without a “clickwheel” styled nav control, it won’t be as smooth as the iPod. Ipod+2
  • FM Radio Capability - Zune comes with a built-in FM tuner. If you want to listen to radio on your iPod, you have to buy an accessory. Zune goes +3
  • Download Choice - With iTunes, if you want to buy music, it will cost you .99 cents per song, or you can purchase by the album. With Zune, you’ll be able to choose from buying songs individually, or purchasing an “all-you-can-eat” subscription, allowing you to listen to as much music as you want. Microsoft’s decision to give users a choice, gives Zune the edge. Zune goes +4
  • Podcasting - Both Zune and Ipod support podcasting
  • Game player- Ipod supports game playting while Zune doesnot have this feature. Ipod goes +4
  • PC/MAC support: Ipod supports both PC and Mac but Zune supports only PC. Ipod goes +5.
Additional Features of Zune:WMV playback, H.264 playback, MPEG-4 playback, Built-in FM radio, JPEG photo playback, Upgradeable firmware, USB 2.0 compatibility. Well Ipod just edges over Zune at the current scenario but my bet is on Zune and i hope that it would come out on top of future. Here is why i fee that Zune would be better:

Zune goes one step ahead in terms of connected entertainment where users are allowed to share pictures,videos,albums etc. wirelessly and it takes about 10sec for a song to be transferred between zunes.File sharing is allowed between zunes like for example if you think the latest song in the market is cool you can send it over to a friend who owns a zune. He can listen to that song for 3 days or 3 times which ever comes first and if he likes it he can purchase it or else the song gets deleted automatically
Display- Both in Landscape( n/a in ipod) and portrait mode . Videos look cool in landscape mode Background- Customize the background that is not available in ipod
Parental Control - Parents can control to what music there kids can listen by using this featue
Sharing with XbOX- you can share files with XbOX and resolution can also be modified based on the needs on the Xbox
RSS Aggregator- You can use the RSS aggregator to listen to your favourite stations and then trasfer them using Zune software to the Zune player. There is also a feature that when updates are available the updation takes place automatically on synching.

Microsoft pre-loaded each Zune device with a variety of songs and music videos from hot, new artists as well as some fun films and images. With something for everyone, the pre-loaded Zune content may just help you discover your new favorite band. Zune preloaded content includes the following:

Audio Tracks (s0urce)
  1. Band of Horses, “Wicked Gil” (Sub Pop Records)
  2. Bitter:Sweet, “The Mating Game” (Quango Music Group)
  3. CSS, “Alala (Microsoft edit)” (Sub Pop Records)
  4. Darkel, “At The End of The Sky (edit)” (Astralwerks)
  5. Every Move a Picture, “Signs of Life” (V2)Small Sins, “Stay” (Astralwerks)
  6. The Adored, “Tell Me Tell Me” (V2)
  7. The Rakes, “Open Book” (V2)
  8. The Thermals, “A Pillar of Salt” (Sub Pop Records)
Music Vide0
  1. 30 Seconds to Mars, “The Kill” (Virgin Records)
  2. BT, “1.618” (DTS Entertainment)
  3. Chad VanGaalen, “Red Hot Drops” (Sub Pop Records)
  4. Coldcut featuring Roots Manuva, “True Skool” (Ninja Tune)
  5. CSS, “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above” (Sub Pop Records)
  6. Fruit Bats, “Live: The Wind That Blew My Heart Away” (Sub Pop Records)
  7. Grandaddy, “Elevate Myself” (V2)
  8. Hot Chip, “Over and Over” (Astralwerks Records)
  9. Kraak & Smaak featuring Dez., “Keep Me Home” (Quango Music Group)
  10. Kinski, “Live: The Snowy Parts of Scandinavia” (Sub Pop Records)
  11. Paul Oakenfold, “Faster Kill Pussycat (Featuring Brittany Murphy)” (Maverick Records)
  12. Serena-Maneesh, “Drain Cosmetics” (Playlouderecordings)
Film Shorts
  • 5 Boro: “A New York Skateboarding Minute” (Skateboarding)
  • Radical Films: “Kranked — Progression” (Mountain Biking)
  • TGRTV The North Face (Skiing/Snowboarding)
A variety of images to personalize a Zune device, including 12 classic rock posters from “Art of Modern Rock” .
Zune comes is a Cool Black Box with a bit of accessories including a Car pack, Home pack and a Travel pack with cool metallic ear buds. Check out this cool video about zune

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