Monday, December 25, 2006

How to Rip your DVD's using (Auto GK) Auto Gordian Knot software

Have you been facing the problem of backing-up of your personal and important DVD's well here is one of the best softwares that i have come across in the recent time. Auto GK also known as Auto Gordian Knot is a simple software to rip and backup your DVD's to formats like MPEG,Divx,XviD etc.

Auto Gordian Knot software even supports MPEG2,HDTV/DVB captures and transport streams .One more thing that i liked about this softwre is that you can play the DVD ripped videos either on the PC or on your HDTV provided the PC has support forTV out on the graphics card.

Let me discuss and guide you through the procedure of backing up your personal DVD's step by step. In simple terms you need a PC or a Laptop with a DVD-RW installed on the computer.

Once the first criterion is completed you can install the AutoGK software on to your PC and start the procedure of ripping your DVD's

Second select the input file that you want
to rip and the output file is automatically selected or a suggestion is provided to you. The input files are generally .IFO files.Here is the snapshot of the input file menu.

Third you can select the audio track and the sub title track that you have obtained by ripping your DVD. One good tool for ripping a DVD is the DVD decrypter tool.

In AutoGK you can customize the size of your files based on your requirements. You even have the option where you can choose a percentage of the input file as one part and the rest in the other part.

The default size is 2 CD's you can customize to 3 Cd's or 4 Cd's .So once you are done with this setup you can click the Add job button and then click next button and AutoGK will begun to work.

With advanced setting of controlling the horizontal resolution of the movie, Auto audio bit rate for audio, Codec option of XVid and Divx, Preview video option, Mono MP3 Audio, Color correction AutoGK turns out to be a must have tool in your booty.

Once AutoGK has finished converting the video files you can use CD or DVD burning software like NERO to burn or backup your cd's

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