Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Google Blogger Beta is out of Beta version

If you have been blogging still from the old blogger login instead of using a third party software to publish your blogs then you should have observed something recently. Blogger beta is out of Beta and if you look at the right hand side pic you would see two versions to login to your Blogger account.

Old Blogger accounts are still accessible and would be completely closed once all the users have made the trasition to the new system. Blogger beta users can login using there google accounts into the Blogger system

Blogger Beta has made significant changes compared to the old blogger system. Let me discuss a few of those changes that had improved the performance of the new blogger version

Blogger Beta system had introduced a new element "page element" in the dashboard of the blogger system. The Page element system allows you to add new page elements in to the easily.These page elements are drag dropable across the blogger template making it easier to move the page elements all across the template

These page elements can be either the HTML version or the javascript elements. There is complete control over the page elements in the Blogger New version

The second feature is the ability to create blogs that can be restricted to certain users. Like for example you write a blog about your family or girl friend and you dont want everyone to access it then you can restrict the user access by just adding their email address.

Further if you know someone who shares thoughts you can invite guests to write a post on your blog. This can be done my allowing multiple authors to post on your blog

The third feature that has been improved in the blogger new version is that some additional feed options have been added like having a feed for all the comments on your blog or having an individual feed for comments and posts.

The dashboard's design has be improved giving you an overall control over the blog management console.

Finally remember the old blogger system where you needed to click on"republish all items" and the whole processed took some time. Now with Blogger new version your blog will update immediately and changes go live in a flash.

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