Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dennis Hwang the master behind Google Logo's Design

Everyone knows about Google and we atleast vist Google atleast once in a day.Every time there is a special occassion there is a change in Google's Logo. Have you ever wondered who is behind that creative art of designing Google's Logos ?.

He is none other than Dennis Hwang. He is probably the most infamous artist in the world. His designs are viewed millions of times across the world. Google has started about in 1999 and Page and Brin had this concept of changing the Google's Logo based on their visits to special events. Hwang was initially hired back in 2000 to design logo's for Google and since then he had never looked back.

Hwang an Arts Major first redre the july 4th logo in 2000. Page and Brin were happy with the Logo and hence he was given the job of designing a new logo from scratch. His first design was the Bastille Day. From then on Hwang has been incharge of Google's Webmaster and spends 20% of this time in Designing logos.

Being there at Google for about 7 yrs Hwang spends most of his time programming and managing site content for Google's websites. Hwang has been working with the six letters G-O-O-G-L-E for a long time modifiying them to footballs, fireworks, hearts,stones etc .

The best feature that i like about the Google's Logos are that they are search dependent. In means that the Logos are going to dependent on the search query. Different logos will appear based on different queries

You can check out the Collection of Logos at :http://www.google.com/holidaylogos.html
For the official Logos at :http://www.google.com/stickers.html
Logos Archive Collection: 2006,2005,2004,2003,2002,2001,2000,1999
Fan Logos:http://www.google.com/customlogos.html

Caution:Before using any of the Logo's be sure to read the Google's permission page. As Google like to preserve the history of each Logo it wants each Logo a special treatment before retirement.

51windows has a cool collection of Google's Logos. The site gives you information of the date the Logo was published.

Some of the Fun Fake Google logos can be found at http://www.logoogle.com/.

Daggle website has pictures of Google's Log design on Boards

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