Sunday, December 17, 2006

Convert Word to PDF files Quickly: Use PDF 995

I have been searching for a solution for some time on an easy way to convert word files to pdf files with ease. I could have the option of installing Adobe PDF maker but i was looking for a solution that would utlize low resources of my laptop and about 10mb in size. I came acrooss this free software PDF 995. It is about 5mb in size and is really easy to install. We will go ahead and look at its features and also learn about using it in converting word to pdf.

First Download and install the software on your PC from here. All the downloads are free and you get four different versions based on your PDF requirements.

I personally prefer the Free Convertor and you can install the other versions that support combining PDF pages. The new version even supports the Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Let me show you how i use PDF 995 to convert word files to pdf 995 files with ease and speed. First we will create a word file in Microsoft word and save it. Then open the file menu and look for the option print . The shortcut for printing would be CTRL+P

Once the CTRL+P or the Print option is clicked a pop up box will appear . Here is the screenshot of the menu. On the left is the screenshot where you can see that the printer option has opened up and you are ready to print the word file. The next step would be to select the pdf 995 option in the Printer name drop down menu.

If you look carefully there is a drop down menu in the popup box. This menu usually indicates the printers that are installed on your computer

Once the PDF 995 is installed on your PC there would be an option named PDF 995 on the printers name drop down menu.

Selecte the PDF 995 under the printer's name drop down menu and press OK

That is all you have to do. A pop up will appear asking you to name the pdf file and the location where it needs to be saved. Just click on the button SAVE and your pdf file is ready.

It has about 10 million downloads and is perhaps the best pdf makers. Here are some of the features that even adobe products dont support.
  • Automated Bookmark Insertion
  • Automatic Imposition of PDF Stationery
  • Configurable Naming Conventions
  • Integration with Document Management and Workflow Systems
  • Citrix/Terminal Server Support
  • XP Fast User Switching Support
  • Automated Security
  • Text Summarization
  • PDF to HTML Conversion
More details can be obtained on the download site that was previously mentioned. It is indeed a great software and works in ease to convert word to pdf files
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