Friday, December 15, 2006

CC Cleaner update Version v1.35.424:Must have software for your PC

CCleaner is perhaps the best freeware utility that is available in the market for Windows operating system. It is a simple program that removes unwanted and temporary files from your system

I personally like using this program as it removes unwanted and temporary files and its absolutely free. The best part is that it is under 2mb in file size. Just look at the popularity of this software it already has 40 million downloads.

This application removes temporary internet files in Windows, Internet Explorer and third party applications. The latest updated version even supports Windows Vista operating system making it compatible with the next generation operating systems.

Its totally free and can be distributed at all. CCleaner is available in 31 languages making it more user friendly globally. You too can downlod this software and utilize its powerful application. You can download it here

Once installed all you have to do is right click your Recycle Bin and click Run CCleaner.

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