Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nokia 7280 Phone

Nokia N7280 yet an another CandyBar model that has been in the market for some time. Somehow i just like this phone and that motivated me to write this review. Its a small but sexy phones offering a complete new mobile phone design with a fine lacquer inspired high gloss finish making it one of the most advanced in terms of stye and technology.

It has a Smooth slide opening to reveal the hidden camera and breathtaking display. It has a unique rotator and has a unique stlye where the calls are answered and ended with an active slide. It also has a voice activated user interface that gives it a personal touch.

It can Capture the nights most compelling moments with the integrated VGA (640 x 480 pixels) camera19 and also supports Video Streaming.It even provides HSCDS and GPRS for high speed data connectivity with an XHTML browser.You can use SyncML for daily synchronization of daytime and nighttime phones. It has an integrated Radio and supports Polyphonic ringtones.

Here are some of the specifications of the phone:
Weight: 3.0 ounces
Dimensions:4.53 inches long x 1.26 inches wide x 0.75 inch thick
Breathtaking display supports up to 65,536 colors within 104 x 208 pixels
Internal antenna and vibrating alert
Unique Navi™Spinner scroll for easy navigation

Not forgetting its a Triband GSM Phone.. Nokia just keep getting better...Motorola has to catch up withit...
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Desiguy said...

sleek lookin much does it cost?

Kishore Reddy said...

You get it for about 200$ and that too unlocked. Indeed it is a sleek phone