Sunday, November 19, 2006

Newyork Masala Dosa

Are you a Newyorken, Are you Visiting Newyork, Do you Like Dosa,Idly, Vada, Uttapam? Do you like street food or do you want to try one?? do you want quality food and that too spicy one then head t0 "Dosa man of Newyork" at Washington Square Park,W. 4th St. at Sullivan St., New York NY 10014 Ph:917-710-2092,
Dosa Cart Timings: Mon-Fri 11 AM-4 PM

Perhaps he could be mis understood as veerappan but he is Thiru Kumar - Dosa Man of Newyork. He neither smuggles goods nor kidnap you for a ransom. He is always there giving you a broad smile. Here is a shot of Thiru cooking Dosa

For all those vegans here is the chance to taste Dosas in Newyork .Thiru’s specialties are varieties of dosa:A south Indian rice crepe—served with spicy sambar soup and coconut chutney. Dosa, however, is not the only thing Thiru provides. South Indian treats like adai, idly, vada, and utthapam are available, as well as a spicy roti curry. For something quick on the go, pre-made and delicious samosas ($1) roti rolls ($2) and veggie drumsticks ($1) work well. The best part is everything on the menu is under $5.

A bit of background about Thiru. He came to USA in 1995 after winning visa lottery from Srilanka and since then he has stayed in Newyork.He has been serving Dosas at Washington Avenue for the past 4 years. He was also placed 2nd in the Street vendor project in 2005. Thiru likes Rice, curry, and stuff. Roti, chapati, anything. American food, too--if it's vegan then I'll like it. If not, then I don't like it.

Click here for directions to NY Dosas
So check out Dosa Man the next time you visit NY

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