Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lie Detector - White Lies or True Lies

This thought of writing this article came up with the question Can there be some one who hasnt lied in their whole life. Thats a tough question.Why do people lie? For fun, situations arising or habitual liars. There is always a reason for lieing. Most of the lies are white having no hidden reasons just to make life easier. Inspite of all the Lie detectors people still surpass them for fortune, thrill etc. So its a still a myth.This article might give some interesting facts and you might feel guilty the next time some one is lieing to you... So think twice before going ahead.

The first thing one would notice would be the eyes. There is always a saying that you might be lieing but your eyes cant hide the truth. The very first thing that one tries to do is to avoid or make little eye contact indicating a sign of guiltiness.If you observe more carefully the eyes balls actually move to the left when you lie and when you want think about something the eyeballs move to the right. For example Lets see a simple situation of How we detect a Fake Smile or a Real smile?. A forced smile differs from a real smile in that it is done in a relaxed way with few physical contractions of the muscles in the face. A real smile generally involves a bit of teeth but a forced one will never be..

Second signwould be the person tries to change the topic. He will feel very uncomfortable with the current topic and tries to deviate from the topic. Symbols of scratching head, chest and anger indicate signs of guilt. Further one tries to avoid interaction and prefers Changing topics or moving out from the location. Finally the display of the emotion with an expression is delayed indicating a sign of lieing.

Human expressions are classifies into Macro and Micro patterns. Deceptive people follow certain behavioral patterns. These can be viewed from the most apparent (macro-patterns) to the almost imperceptible (micro-patterns). Lets not worry about macro patterns and talk about micro patterns. As we had discussed the micro patterns would be focusing away the eyes, avoiding eye contact, Face whitening, Face flushing etc. When someone gives a natural smile it involves a lot of involuntary facial or body Macro expressions indicating a sign of reality. When some one is trying to fake a smile there are Macro expressions but if one observes closely there are intial sign of micro expressions on the face for some seconds of time followed by the wide macro expressive smile. These signs are indications of fake and to mastering them would differentiate from a fake to reality.As once Ekman said "Deception will most always show up in the face as an inconsistency between the micro and macro expressions."

Hmmm How would life be if No one Lied?? Guess it would have been far more easier, But then how would you keep children from learning the truth about Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy
Just kidding.... Life Moves on

These opinions are of my own and be careful how often you use this with your friends. If you are always looking for lies, you may soon not have any friends.

Check out to determine a genuine smile from a fake one through recognizing these micro expressions: http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/surveys/smiles/index.shtml


Desiguy said...

Nice one K... shall use these tips to test only those friends who fake to me... PS liked the end note of ur blog by bringing in santa and the tooth fairy...

Kishore Reddy said...

Hmm Desiguy dont try too hard aa.. you will rather end up making enemies rather than friends... Better be careful on whoom you apply this technique