Saturday, September 01, 2007

Orkut adds More Regional Languages to Profile Features

Orkut the most Popular Social Networking site in Brazil and India is probably unknown to the rest of world. What is the reason??

Orkut might not be as Popular as some of the Popular Social Networking sites like Facebook or Myspace but seems to be growing everyday with its recent addition of Web 2.0 Layout and Buttons.

Orkut recently had updated its layout from an old and dull layout to a Sophisticated but less impressive Web 2.0 layout. Face book and Myspace are probably the top social Networking sites across the English Speaking World but seem to be lacking Users from the Non English Speaking Countries.

Orkut a product of Google seems to be targetting the Non English Speaking Users for its growth and to compete with the gaints of Social Networking Myspace and Facebook. Orkut has added new languages to its Interface like Deutsch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Marathi,Bengali, Tamil,Telugu, Hindi,Chinese and Japanese etc.

The advantage of adding Interfaces in Regional Languages would probably help Orkut to grow in Countries where the majority of People are non English Speaking but for the Social Networking site to grow else where could this be enough....

With Brazilians and Indians forming about 60% of the users in Orkut and the rest of the world favouring Myspace and Facebook Orkut definetely needs to add more than just adding Languages and web 2.0 Layouts. What do you think....??

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Generate Free Newspaper Online with Fodey

Everyone across the World is expecting the next big thing after the Apple iPhone would be the "Google Phone" and so am i waiting for that big news from Google.

This article hasn't been scanned from any newspaper nor it is a preview of a Future news that would be published in Tomorrow's News. It is a Fake Newspaper!!!!. has a nice Free Newspaper Generator where users can Create Free Online Newspaper for themselves

Users have to provide the Newspaper name, Article Title and the Content of the Article. would create a Newspaper alike Image with the Content you have uploaded on the Newspaper Generator. The Online Newspaper Generator Tool just gives you a feeling of a real newspaper. Isn't that Great !!!.

Besides the Newspaper Snippet Tool Fodey's Website has other Tools like the Clapping Board, Talking Squirrels, Jiggle Jiggle, Ninja Text, Talking Flowers, Talking Tomatoes etc. It is a nice way even to write a Post on your Blog reminding users of the Newspapers world. With the growth of Internet Newspapers seem to find difficult in finding Readers and Advertisers to sustain in the market. Can the newspaper Market Survive the next big thing in the world Blogging? We have to Wait and Watch...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blogger Service adds Enclosure Link Feature

Google seems to be in a hurry to improve the Quality of Blogspot Blogger service and has been adding quite a bit of features recently.Blogger has recently been added a nice Video Upload features for Blogspot users. Another Interesting Feature that Blogger has added is the Inline Link feature as shown below

The new feature lets Blogspot users to add Back links to Posts directly at the bottom of the post.The Link feature would be very useful if your blog posts are frequently linked to other Blogging articles and you want the links to these easily spotted on your public blog.

In Order for this feature to be useful Bloggers need to Enable the Show Link Field Option to 'Yes' in their Blogspot Settings. This is a Wonderful new feature that would allow Bloggers to
track back links to Blog Posts.

With Growing Competition from Wordpress Blogging Service Google's Blogger Service definitely seems to be catching its Competitor. What do you Think? Post your Comments

Monday, August 27, 2007

Would you Choose Blogging as a Career

The word Blogging has been Buzzing more than ever in the history. We have seen Blogger's from the age of 10yrs to 70yrs everyone having a reason to Blog. Some Blog for Passion while other do it for Money and the third category do it for both Money and Passion.

Can Blogging be chosen an Career ?. This is the question that one of my friend has asked me.We had several arguments with no ending to it.. Well it is a Tough Question that has an Yes and a No answer.

Blogging certainly seems to be easy but Blogging for Money seems to be a Difficult Task and it takes time. What i mean is that you cannot become a Multi Millionaire Blogger by posting a couple of posts in a week and expect the money to flow in. There is tremendous amount of Harwork beyond all the successful Blogs like DumbLittleMan, Problogger etc

The most important thing that an Amateur Blogger has to learn in his early days it to not expect overnight results. Believe me Miracles are not going to happen. Success depends on the amount of Hard work you put in and the amount you want to grow.

As the Guru of Blogging Word Problogger Says Blogging is definitely not a One man Show and you can expect people to turn up to your Blog unless you get involved with others. As a Blogger you need have a Community to grow up. Link to other Bloggers. Ask them Questions and Participate in Forums, Emails, Groups etc.Bloggers are more kind hearted to help you with your Queries and you would probably have more solutions to your single query.

Coming to the actual Point of Blogging as a Career? The answer from the Probloggers would be an 'YES' and from others would probably me 'Maybe" or 'No'. Blogging in 2007 is growing at a tremendous pace and there is competition in Blogging than ever. Blogging is certainly a Risky Profession but has its advantages and Disadvantages.

As an Amateur Blogger do not think of the idea that you want to quit your Daily Job and start Blogging Full Time from the very next day you make Money with your Adsense account. The most important aspect for an Amateur Blogger who would want to turn in to a Problogger would be to establish a niche in the blogging world.

Learn the art of Blogging and you wouldn't be disappointed by what you have achieved in your life. You would make an enormous number of friends and people who would share similar thoughts as you. Every step you learn in the Blogger's world should probably convince you to take up blogging as a career. But are you willing to hang on as a Blogger until success is going to be around...

Statistics seems to Indicate that 90% of Bloggers give up in just a couple of months of Blogging. Blogging takes time and a Blogger should post interesting articles for at least an Year and than decide if he want to stick around Blogging world or call it Quits.....

Once you have established a solid platform in the Blogging world and you are making more Money in Blogging than your Full Time Job than you should probably ask yourself the Question Should i Quit my Full Time Job and choose Blogging as a Career?.

If you have reached to this point in your Blogging career than you definitely know the answer...What do you Say? Post you comments..

Steve Snells at BloggingTips has some interesting Tips for Long Term Success of a Blog.