Saturday, July 14, 2007

University of Berkeley Lectures Online podcasts

Yesterday there was a post about Stanford University offering podcast videos in collaboration with Apple computers(itunes) collaboration. Well here is another University offering some video lectures from some Great professors. Have you heard of Avida
Zakhor a pioneer in Signal and Image processing at the University of California, Berkeley campus.

If you didnt know about Univeristy of Berkeley then here is some infor about it. University of Berkeley is a prestigious university located at Berkeley, California, United States. It is ranked in as Top Ten Universities in the fields ranging from Arts,Science to Technology. Berkeley University has been offering podcast of its courses from Fall 2001 to Current Semester.

University of California Berkeley campus offers podcast of its courses to facilitate students who have missed classes or cannot take classes at Berkeley campuses. So here is an opportunity for all those who are interested in learing courses online. Here is the link to the page at University of Berkeley where information about Course podcasts are located on their website . Podcast are offering in 40-50 courses in each semesters.

Some of the lectures are available online while others can be downloaded on to your PC and then on to your Ipod. This is a great opportunity for all the guys and girls who have missed classes at Berkeley(which is kind of rare) and for those student who are interested in learning a little extra (outside the curriculum)

I personally have heard a lot of lectures from this website and have found it very usefull. Have you used the webcast facility. Did you like those lectures.. Do you think other universities shoudl provide podcasting of the lectures. Let me know your comments

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Google Maps adds YouTube Video on Mapplets

First it was Googe Maps then came the unbelievable Street maps and now it is the YouTube video maps. Google has introduced this new feature of mapping Youtube Video's in Google Maps. You need to add this new feature to your Google Maps and once it is added. Google maps will show up the Youtube video's that are Recently uploaded across the world into YouTube.

You could see videos like "my favourite dog" uploaded in Kansas city to Shivaji Video trailer uploaded in Bangalore,India. What more you can even view the Youtube Video Right there in the Google Maps. But there is a restriction that if the user who has uploaded the video doesnt allow the video to be embedded in page..Then all you can do is to double click the video and view it in
It looks like the Mashing Feature that is buzzing all around across social websites like the Facebook seems to be driving traffic like nuts to websites. Facebook had reported that the ilike application that was added to Facebook led to crashing of its 2 web servers as they couldnt handle the traffic. Facebook had opened its doors to any developers to develop applications and allow them to be added to FaceBook. Is google trying to adapt to Mashing Culture or its just an integrating feature of Google or is it that Opening of Open source world.

What do you think. Have you used the New feature of Youtube Videos in Google Maps. Do you like the new feature. Post your comments

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Stanford Lectures Online Podcast on Apple Itunes

Stanford one of the world most prestigious university in the world in collaboration with Apple Computers has an online podcast program with Categories ranging from subjects like Arts,Science,Law,Media and Communication.

All the lectures on the podcast are free to download and all you need is A laptop ,Internet connection and an interest to learn online. You can download athe Itunes software at and instantly look for Standford podcast in the Podcast section.

Download any lecture that interests you in to your Itunes player and listen to it as many number of times you want. You can download lectures from lessons on Global Warming to Baseballs have stiches to Are you a good quizzer etc.Here is the link to open the Itunes Stanford Podcast page

I would post about another Great university that had some great podcasts in the field of science and technology in the coming posts in a couple of days. Watch out for it.

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VLC Player Tricks : Increase the Volume to 400%

Here is a trick that i had learned having used for a Long time and i wanted to share it with my Readers. I had previously written an article on the release of VLC player 0.8.6 version and its compatability with Windows Vista. Well that article has brought in an enormous traffic to my Blog and is ranked 1 for the search term "VLC Player vista" in Google.

Let me ask you the Question. Do you know that you can increase the volume in your VLC player to 400% of its actual volume. If no..

Here is the trick:
  • Hold CTRL+ and Keep Pressing theKey on your Keyboard. You would see an icon on the top right corner of your VLC player
  • The icon would increase from 100% to 200% to... 400% and increase the volume on your player.
Shortcuts in VLC player
  1. Space Bar + Key is used for Pausing the Video that is currently playing in VLC player
  2. Shift Key + { <-- or -->} arrow keys would forward the video by 3 seconds.
  3. Alt Key + { <-- or -->} arrow keys will forward the video by 10 seconds
  4. Ctrl Key + { <-- or -->} arrow keys will forward the video by 60 seconds
All the above settings can be modified from the Settings --> Preferences --> Interface -->Hotkeys settings . You can edit which keys you would want to set for Forward or Rewind or Stop vidoes.

Did you know these tricks before.. or Have you got any more tricks to share. Shares your tricks with other Bloggers.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Google and Blogger news this week: Feedburner and Blogger,Draft Blogger

Google fell in love with Feed burner and bought it and now Blogger users are in love as Feedburner has been integrated with Blogger accounts. Well what am i talking about...Some Romantic story..Juss Kidding... I have always been a fan of Googles products because of its ease of use and availability. The best feature of embedding feedburner with Blogger accounts is that now one can redirect your blogger feeds to Feedburner.

Features of Integrating Blogger & Feedburner:This would definetly increase RSS subscribers in your RSS Chicklet Blogg and would give the exact count of them. No need of worrying about lost subscribers.You would now exactly know who is subscribed your blog and Howmany are subscribed to your Blog.

Blogger in Draft News:
Draft.Blogger has introduced the search engine feature that lets you integrate a Google customized search engine in your Blog. This feature is similar to customize your search engine already available in Google. This feature's advantage is that it embedds the search engine widget in your Blog.

Blogger also introduced the Polls, Enclosures and Podcasting and Video upload feature in Draft Blogger. Check out the recent post about Draft Blogger video feature .You can now add a poll to your Post by using the Poll widget feature available in the Dashboard. Unfortunately this feature wont be useful if your are using a Classic Template like this Blog.

Enclosures are nothing but converting your videos and audios that you upload or host on your blogger website into Podcast. This would benefit bloggers who write about podcasting etc. This feature would allow users to download podcasts using itunes and other softwares for podcast downloads.

Blogger seems to be really striving to compete with Word press. Would Blogger prevail over Word press. What do you think...... Do you use Blogger of Word press.....Do you like this post .. Post your comments

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Remove 404 URLS to Improve Google Crawling Rate

The last few days i have seen an increase in the crawling rate of my website by the Google Crawler. It is possible that content has increased on my website. But when i look at Google's Webmaster tool I noticed that the Crawling rate has increased by a significant amount.

One aspect that i have noticed is that about a month back i had removed the 404 URL's from being indexed from my website. The result crawling has improved on my website. Do you have 404 URL's in your Indexing. Have you done away with yout 404 URL's. Has your traffic improved with 404 URL's removal.. Let me know in your comments

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to Design Simple and Quick Logos for your Website in 3 steps

Well are you one of the new Blogger in this Amazing world of Blogging. To start a Blog you need a Webpage and a must is a Logo. So you would be Search for a Logo isnt it .. Here is a cool website that would let you create simpel text logo's for your website.

Check out the snapshots to create a Simple logo for your website.
STEP1: Choose a Logo Style to begin for you Logo Design

STEP2: Choose Fontsize,Bacground color,Text color and Font Type
STEP3: Download your Logo as .jpeg File

Its a cool website to Generate Quick Logo's. One suggestion would be to try using different font,sizes and colors that would match with your website. The above is just a sample of the fonts available on the website. There are about 500-600 stlyes of fonts for users.

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Igadget software for Apple Ipod Version 3.6 Released

Here is a Piece of Software that i have really found useful along with my IPOD. Igadget is a software that can used with your ipod to Transfer songs,playlists from your ipod into your computer,Import weather,Import Directions,Import email,appointments and tasks, RSS Feeds and Horoscopes.

Igadget software costs about 15$ for the full version and it is definelty worth to buy it . The igadget software is compatible with both Windows Version and Macintosh Versions.

Features in Igadget:
  1. Transfer Songs and Playlists: Igadget lets you download songs and playlists from your computer to Ipod.The other feature that i like about igadget is that it lets users to preserve play lists,counts and last played dates
  2. Transfer Direction from Laptop: You can transfer directions from your laptop to your ipod and use them offline. This feature lets you use maps offline without GPS. Though the maps are not interactive it helps people who are lost for directions.
  3. RSS News Feeds: RSS Feeds feature is the greatest feature of igadget software. With the growth of RSS feeds in the blogging world one can use this feature to read feeds on your ipod. This feature combined with Google offline feeds makes it an unbeatable combination.
  4. Movie Showtimes: You can even store your movie show times on your ipod.
There are other features that really makes igadget software a must for all ipod lovers. Here an interactive video about transferring songs to your ipod.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pownce Invitation available with me

First it was digg then came twitter and now its Pownce. Kevin Ross has started his new venture.

Pownce is basically a social exchange site where users can exchange links,files ,downloads and events with one friend or many friends in your network.

Pownce even allows you to download a piece of software that would allow you to send and receive from your desktop rather than logging on to the website.

Well it has jsut begun! Digg is an instant Hit and Twitter is increasing traffic day by day. Can Kevin ross pull this off too.. What do you think Can pownce become as popular as Digg.. What do you think. let me know in your comments

I still have 11 invitation left at Pownce.. Anyone who needs an invitation can scrap me in the comment section and i will send the invitation to them. Dont forgot to add your email id.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Best Websites to Sign up as a Beta Tester

I have been Beta testing a product for HP for the past 3 months.Well it was this product on the right side that i was Testing.After the testing was completed i was allowed to keep the product. It was absolutely free to me. It is an ALL in one printer/scanner/faxer/copier.

Well there are plenty of Gizmo enthusiasts like me ,i wanted to share this opportunity to share some information that would let you to test products even before they are launched in to the market.

Center code Beta Testing :
Center code is the favourite site for me. I had received the HP Printer L7580 for product evaluation from this site. You have to register on this site first and then you will receive an email to test products. The email will be generally have a few question that will help the evaluator to choose the Beta Testers. The Center Beta Testing can be signed up at Voconline website.

Center has a wide range of customers ranging from Adobe to Yahoo and includes big companies like the DELL,HP,Microsoft ,SUN, Tmobile,Cingular etc .
HP product Testing: Hewelett Packward has a direct link on its website for beta testers to evaluate its products. Popular testing products have been Desktop printers,scanners and other HP softwares. Here is the link to signup

Microsoft Playtest Research: Are you a game freak that Microsoft signup is a must for you .Microsoft lets you test its future games in to the market. By enrolling in its testing evaluation program you can participate in product surveys and evaluation. Here is the link for signup

Do you know any other product sites for the Beta Testing. I would be interested to know user opinions . Let me know in your comments.

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Earn Money for Surveys: Pinecone Research

Pinecone is one genuine survery research consumer opinion company. Well i had signed up for a number of survey that says "EARN FREE MONEY" or "Earn money by filling up surveys" but here is the only company that seem to pay for its surveys.

One can sign up for the Pinecone Research survey panel if one comes across a Pinecone Research Banner as above. The terms and conditions of the user signup prevents users to disclose the websites on which one can find the Survey Banners. But its pretty easy to find a Banner on the internet with the presence of Google.

Pinecone is considered to be one of the most difficult survey sites to login because no body knows where the Banner is located to signup and who would be included in each of their surveys. The best point i like about pinecone is that they are prompt in Paying you for your opinions and testing products.

Pinecone pays you through paypal and the minimum payment amount needs to be $1. The surveys usually pay in the range of $3-$5 and the number of surveys that each person receive depends on the individual and the survey requirement. From user survey it looks like each member receives 2-3 surveys per month.

You can search for Pinecone Banners in Google to get to the Signup Banner if you havent yet done so.

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How to Send a Free Fax From your PC

I had been searching for a solution of sending fax without purchasing a Fax machine. Well here is a solution that i had come across by the recommendation of one of my friend. Ofcourse there is a hitch that you need to have a computer with an internet connection.

Fax Zero.comis a website that lets users to send faxes for free to anywhere in the United States or Canada. There is no User Registration or any other nonsense of subscription on the website.
  • All you have to do have the content to fax in either a .DOC or .PDF format and attach the file on the website.
  • Enter the Receivers Name and Email Address
  • Enter the Receivers Fax number
Ofcourse all this for the Free user option which anyone can use from their website. With Free there always comes a restriction. A user can only send 2 faxes at the max per day and each Fax can be maximum of 3 pages.

If you are one of those who use's Fax machine once in a while than this is a perfect solution for you. You can send your faxes for Free using this Faxzero website.

If you are a regular bulk users than you can use the Premium Fax services for which you pay $1.99 per fax. It has a restriction of 15pages per fax.

I have been using this Fax service for a Long time and has been very reliable in terms of Quality and interms of delivery service. What do you think? Have you used the FaxZero service. Let me know your comments.

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