Monday, August 13, 2007

Zoho Writer adds more Language Features and Restores Full Search Feature

I have always been a fan of Open Source Software and one of my Favourites is the Zoho Software Bundle. Zoho could also be called as the Free Microsoft Office Package as it does offer features that are comparable to Microsoft Office. Zoho has recently updated its Writer Software to add more language support and a Search Feature included in Zoho Writer.

Zoho Writer is an Online Word Processing Software where users can create, share and Edit Word Document Files Online with ease. Users have no hassles of installing Large Software Packages on their Hard Disks using Zoho Writer. All you need to do is create a User name at Zoho Website and you are all ready to create, edit and modify a Word Document.

Zoho has a nice impressive design and offers great features that can be easily taught or learnt by novice or beginner users. I personally like a feature in Zoho Writer where Multiple users can work simultaneously on the same Document at the same Time. Zoho also allows users to use Switch Features where users can switch between various products offered like Zoho Chat,Zoho meeting , Zoho NoteBook etc with ease.

Zoho Latest Update has added Japanese Language support to Zoho Writer along with exisiting support to English , French, Spanish, German etc. The Full Search that has been disabled for a long time has been restored to allow users to search within Documents in English Only.

Zoho even offers an iPhone version Software known as iZoho. iZoho is the iPhone compatabile version of iZoho Office suite that by far is the best office software for iPhone.

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