Friday, August 10, 2007

Orkut Adds New Audio Video Image Upload Feature

Orkut the Social community site started by Orkut Buyukkokten has added some new features that could spice up the Social community site as it lags far behind Myspace and Facebook in terms of Volume and Numbers.

The scrap book feature in Orkut has been spiced up by adding features like adding Video, Audio and Image Upload Features in the site.

The Scrap Book till date would allow users to only send text messages and few smilies. These features were far remote compared to features offered by Myspace and Facebook. Orkut has added the new features where users can paste Dynamic HTML content like Video Links, Audio in to the scrap messages and users would be able to view its content right in the scrap book.
Orkut even allows users to post Podcast links and Image links on your ScrapBook. All you need to do is post the Html Link of your Images in your Scrapbook and the Images can be viewed right inyour Scrap Book. Google is seriously trying to catch up on Myspace and Facebook in terms of numbers.

Google has to really work on its Social Community site if it has to come anywhere near Facebook or Myspace. The Features in Orkut are pretty Limited and lack evolution.

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