Thursday, August 09, 2007

Microsoft Launches Windows Live SkyDrive Beta

Another Microsoft Product that has been in testing phase for the last couple of months comes live today. Windows Live Folder was released about 2 months back in testing phase would now be known and Windows Live SkyDrive Beta.

Windows LiveSkyDrive is a Beta Version of its Online Storage service and is totally free for any users with a Hotmail, Microsoft Live Account or any other Microsoft Service.

The SkyDrive offers an initial Online Storage space of 500MB to users. Users can store any form of data starting from word documents, Audio and Video files. Windows

SkyDrive makes you feel like home with a Folder Design of its Storage space. Users also have the option of password protecting their folders to prevent unauthrized access to your content. Further adding to is the enhanced feature where users can classify folders as private, Public or shared folders. What it means is that a user decides whether the content of each folder in his SkyDrive can be accessed by others or not.

In order to share a folder with your friends users need to just send a link of the folder to share and that is it you are ready to share the contents of the folder. Further adding to it is the misuse protection feature where users other than the owner will not be allowed to modify the content of the folders.

SkyDrive Beta is currently available in US, UK and in India. The initial Features of SkyDrive is nothing different from any other Online Storage Service like Mozy, Carbonite Services. If you do not have a Windows Live account you can register for it on their Homepage.

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