Monday, August 13, 2007

Increase Blog Readability by Adding Pictures

I Stumble across a lot of Blogs online and with information overflowing How does a User decide if he is going to read the content on the Blog or skip to the next Blog.

Well the question is really complex with no single answer but statistics on the Internet could give you an idea as to How you can Hold on to your Visitors with Quality Content and with a bit if Glamour.

A Recent Study by the Online Publishers Association has indicated that there is a 47% growth in users who are Interested in Watching Content rather than reading,Web search content only accounted for 5% of Internet usage. What does this study relate to Blogging?. Well the point that the study indicates is that First time Users tend to navigate across the website looking for Interesting Content rather than reading it.

It is said that " A picture can talk more than a few words" so the point that Iam trying to reach is that Bloggers need to have Quality Content but at the same time add some Life of Interest to your Posts with a Picture. An Image that is related to a Post will definitely catch the interest of the visitor.

With a new blog started at every few minutes it is important for Start up Bloggers to convert a First Time Visitor to a Returning Visitor. So the next time don't forget to add a picture to your Post.What do you think of the idea??.

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