Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Improve Website Quality Optimization with Website Grader

Website Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are probably the most searched keyword among Blogging Community. For a New Blogger who is stepping his foot in to this Blogger Community it all sounds Greek and Latin.

Website Grader is a nice tool that i use to Optimize my Blog. This Tool can be used to Optimize a website for Search Engines and at the same time help Bloggers evaluate their Website for Content, Keywords and Trouble shooting issues with their Blog.

In order to use the Website Grade all you need to do is type in the URL of your Website of Blog Page at their Website and your Blog Website would be evaluated for Content starting from Google Index Pages, Technorati Rank, Digg Pages, Meta Keywords, Image Summary, Readability Level of your Blog etc.

Optimization of your Blog for Content is really important in order to drive Search Engine Traffic. For most of the Blogger the main Traffic comes from Search Engines and one has to Optimize their Blogs for Search Engines.

You can get an Analysis if your Blog has too many Images and that is really slowing down your Blog. Though Google does not follow the Meta Keywords it is still used by other Search Engines like Yahoo and MSN. The Best feature that i like about this Website Optimizer(Grader) is the Readability Level of your Blog.

The Analysis would indicate what Grade of Education a Visitor to your Blog should be in order to Understand the Content of your Blog. I really like this feature as it helps me to make my posts simpler so that it can be understood by a 7th Grader.

Though the Website is more Directed towards commercial Websites it could be used by Bloggers to optimize their Blog.

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