Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How Rich are You in this World

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are Probably the Richest People in the World. But here is a Nice tool that compares where you Stand in the World. GlobeRichList is a Cool Tool where users can Input their Annual Income and the Website would Indicate the Position as to where you stand among the Richest People in the World.

The site also Indicated a nice statistic that Microsoft Bill Gates Owns More Money than 45% of American Households. What a Contrast of the Rich and Poor in this World. There is nice statistic that indicates that if every Average person in this world Donates about 32$(1200 Indian Rupees) the Poor People in this world would not die of Starvation and Hunger.

The site is Based on World Bank Statistics and indicates a Average Annual Income of $5000 across each Household. So Find out where you stand in the Global Rich List

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