Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Google adds Adsense Videos to YouTube

Youtube Videos the most popular Online Video Network seems to be the next target for Google AdSense as i noticed an Advertisement while playing an Online Video on Youtube. It looks like Google AdSense is testing Advertisements on selected Youtube Videos.

The Adsense Ads on the Youtube Videos seems to be transparent and appear at the bottom of the Video Screen. Further Google seemed creative as to when the ads would appear in the Video. Youtube Adsense Ads appear exactly 15seconds after the start of a video and lasted for 15 seconds. Also the Advertisements seems to be irrelevant to the Video that is currently playing on Youtube.

Once the Adsense Ads are clicked they would appear on the entire screen with an Exit button on the top right corner to return back to the Youtube Video. The ads also seem to be a One Time ads as they do not re appear again in the Youtube Video for a particular user.

Google smart Advertisement might or might not successful as the whole world has been watching Ad Free Videos at Youtube. Would the Online Video Viewer be annoyed by these Flash based Advertisements or would he be happy with it.. Only Time can tell.. What do you say..... Post your comments !

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