Monday, August 06, 2007

Gimpshop is the Free Adobe Photoshop Version

A copy of Adobe Photoshop Full Version would cost you about $700 and one would have to think twice before making investment in purchasing Adobe Photoshop. Gimpshop is a nice alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Gimpshop is a Open Source Software from Plasticbugs based on GIMP(Graphical Image Manipulation Program) that offers Features that could be comparable to the Holy grail of Photoshop editing software Adobe Photoshop.

Gimpshop offers features ranging from a start up of touch up to photos to working on different layers, Adding Filters and effects . It has tools that can be used from an amateur photo enthusiast to a geeky Photographer.

Gimpshop has a nice Layout similar to Adobe Photoshop and offers an enormous number of features, Brushes and capabilities. You could probably call to Photoshop Freeware!.

Gimpshop is a nice advanced image editing software when compared to Windows Paint, Picassa, and Irfan View. Gimpshop has different version of software for Windows XP and Mac OS-10X. However users have faces crashed when installed in Windows Vista. Gimpshop is pretty easy to download and install in less than 3 minutes. Users can easily Open,edit pictures and Save it. But the Two level user interface on Gimpshop might be something that is new for a Adobe Photoshop users.

With the Pro's of Freeware, Small Size and Enormous amount of features Gimpshop seems to be a favourite software for all users who would want to have a Freeware Version of Adobe Photoshop.

Users can Download the Gimpshop Image Editing Software for Free. Gimpshop offers Mac OS version and also Linux Version. Here is a nice Tutorial for installing in Linux

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