Monday, August 06, 2007

FireFox ScrapBook Extension Can Save any Thing on the Web

FireFox is probably the one of the best invention in the Tech world. If there is a reason that one need to move from Internet Explorer to FireFox than that would be ScrapBook Extension.

FireFox Browser has some cool Extensions for your PC and ScrapBook gets added to that list of Top Extensions. ScrapBook Extension lets users to Store copies of Information, Pages and Entire Websites.

ScrapBook is packed with a lot of impressive features packed in to a little bit of Plugin. ScrapBook lets users to Capture a Text, Single Page, Multiple Pages or Capture All Pages and Links related to a Web page. Users can Filter content to Download only text in the Webpage or also Download Videos linked to the site.

The best feature about ScrapBook is that users can access the captured Pages Offline. Users need not be connected to the Internet to connect to the Captured pages.

Users need to be really choosy while picking content for Capture. It would lead to unnecessary capture of items like videos than can load your Browser to a great Extent. The feature in ScrapBook that allows to decide what to Download and What not to Download on a Website is perhaps the best feature of all the Firefox Extensions.

Scrap Book is perhaps the Best Extension that i have found on the Internet for saving and Storing Online information. Do you know any other Extensions. Share it !. You can Download the ScrapBook Extension for Free . Here is a nice tutorial on ScrapBook by Andrew Giles

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