Monday, August 20, 2007

Convert Photos to Text Images with Photo2Text Editor

BloggerDid you know that you could convert your Images or Photo in to Text Images. Image Distortion is not something that is new but is one nice way to laugh at yourself as to how funny you will look when your Photo is converted in to a text Image.

Photo2Text is a nice online Tool that lets users to Convert Images to Text. Users can upload any form of image files like JPEG,BMP, GIF or TIF files into the File Uploader and the Image gets converted in to a Text Image immediately. Users can even save and store Text Image that is created from the uploaded Image. Here is a snapshot of How a Photo to Text Image Looks like...

Blogger Text ImagePhot2Text lets users to convert the Image to a Text Image and store it as a Text file. Users have the option of Converting image to Text or an ASCII Photo based on user specifications. Users can also adjust the Brightness of the Image as per the Requirements. You even have the option of choosing the characters that would be used to create the Text Image. Users also have the option of storing the Text Images Online as a .aspx file.

I particularly like the ASCII code characters that reminds me of the Yester years of MS DOS with Black and White Monitors.So the next time Upload an Image of yourself and check out how you look in an Text image. What do you say.....

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