Thursday, August 09, 2007

Coffee Perks up Old Womens Memory

A Research Study in France indicated that Consuming Caffeine regularly seems to boost the Memory power of Women aged 60 and above.

Research Statistics over 7000 people indicate the regular consumption of three or more cups of Jave Daily a Caffeine seems to perk the memory power of Women compared to their counter parts who don't consume Caffeine.

The results of the study indicate that consuming Caffeine seems to prolongate Dementia - (which is decline in Cognitive function leading to loss of memory) rather than eliminating it.

The interesting factor of this research study is that " Caffeine seems to far less effective in men than in women". It also indicated that Caffeine is more effective on Women than on Men as Women are generally more sensitive than Men.

What would a study on Green Tea would result in? Post your comment on what would you think if a research Study with Green Tea was result...

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