Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Are Keywords in Posts and Title URL's Important for Search Engine Traffic

Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or take any other search Engine base their Results of a Search text based on the Keywords. This might be familiar for Bloggers but for Bloggers who are new to this Blogging World here is a tip for you .I have used this Technique for a couple of my posts and have seen an Increase in Search Engine Traffic. Read more to find the Search Engine Traffic Secret...

are nothing but words used by Search Engine Users across the World to find Content relevant to their Search Term. Search Engines use these Keywords and try to Find Relevant Pages on the Internet from across Billion's of Web pages . Blog Posts that have relevant content to the Search Term would be Displayed in the Search Results.

Again the Results would be Displayed based on Relevancy and then on the Freshness of the Content. So What do we learn from this Information ?. A Majority of Blogs that are growing up would get Traffic mainly from Search Engines compared to the Traffic from other Blogs or Link Exchange Websites.

who are Starting a Blog must give Importance to Keywords in order to Find Traffic from Search Engines. The Best Place to Start using Keywords would be in the Title and in the Blog posts. Title forms the First impression to a Blog Visitor. So that doesnt mean you flood in all the keywords in your Title. All it means is that the next time you post a Blog Post just think for a minute about Keywords.

Just think about the Keywords that your Visitor might use in Search Engines relevant to the content in your Blog post. Add one or Two Keywords in your Blog Post and a couple in your Blog Post to rank yourself high in your Search Engine. Adding Keywords to Title and Posts is Imperative of Bloggers who use Adsense or any other Content Based Ad System.

There are a number of sites promoting about Adsense Keywords, Top Paying Keywords, Popular Keywords, High Paying Keywords etc. I do not know if they work or not but following such a system will only degrade the Quality of your Content. Blogging is not about only Making Money. It is a way of Expressing your Interests. You need to Enjoy the Process of Blogging. After all if you can become Rich Overnight Who wouldnt want to...??

Google Adwards Tool, Overture and Word Tracker offer Nice Free Keyword Tools that let you Search for Keyword relevant to your Content. I Particularly like the Overture Keyword Selector Tool as it gives me a Number of the Quantity of Searches for the Keyword in the Current Month.

So the Next Time you Make a Post Try using of these Keyword Tools and Monitor your Posts for Traffic.

Remember that Blogging is a Learning Process and it will Take time and Traffic will grow Steadily. You could also try adding Images relevant to your Post to increase Visitors interest. Recent Survey indicates that most Visitors first Browse through a Blog Content first Before they sit down to Read Topics of interest on a Blog.

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