Friday, August 24, 2007

Amateur Bloggers Steps to Avoid while Growing

Blogging World is booming as never with thousands of Blogs starting everyday and with the ever enticing Google Adsense adding Monetary value to it Blogging has indeed become more from a hobby to a Profession.

There are Tonn's and Tonn's of Blogs out there in the Internet offering you advice on Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Adsense, Search Engine Traffic etc and an Amateur Blogger has so much content in front of him that he is puzzled as What to take as advice and What Not to take as Advice.

Here are my 2cents while growing as an Amateur Blogger in this Blogging World

More Content More Traffic: If you take the case of any of the Top Blogs you should be able to notice that the more Content a Blog has the More is the Traffic unless it is a Blog about Celebrities or Porn. As an Amateur Blogger you don't need to post multiple Times a Day nor will you find time to post multiple times per day. The important thing is to be consistent in postings at least once a day.

Read 10 Folds more than Writing: It is simple Read more and ideas will strike your mind as your knowledge increases. Important sources of Information would be Books, Magazines, News Papers, other Blogs, News Letters etc.

Avoid Early Monetization: Programs like Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher, Chitika, Text Ads entice most of the Bloggers in Monetizing their Blogs at the early stages. As a Blogger with very little Traffic to your Blog it is best not to Monetize your Blog. As Search Engine Traffic is more for your Blog Growth Bloggers should concentrate on Traffic Growth than Monetizing his Blog.

Quality is Important: Quality of the content is important for every Blog in order to convert a One Time Visitor to a Repeated Visitor. Top Blogs mainly get their Traffic from Loyal Visitors who Visit their Blog all the Time. If you are planning to Write 10 Posts per day with Average Content I would suggest that 4 Posts with Excellent Quality Content would be better off in Long Term Goals.

Blog for Long Term: Most of the Bloggers give up in a Week, a Month or after a Couple of Months. It is important to Understand that Blogging is easy but Monetizing is difficult. Blogging will take Time and Definitely more than a Couple of months in order to be notices by a Larger Crowd.

Avoid Checking Visitor Statistics: This is something that almost all the Bloggers tent to do But as an Amateur Blogger the rate is higher and one tends to get disappointed will the Low Traffic to your Blog in your early Stages. You cannot get a Traffic of 132,324,343,439( A random No) Visitors Per Day on Day one of your Blogging World. You need to Grow up consistently Day by Day, Week by Week and Month by Month and Year by Year.

Learn from Other Bloggers: As it is said You will Learn More by Observing it is very much True in Blogging World. Read others Blogger's Blog and learn about their Blogging Techniques, Posting Frequency etc

My 2cents for amateur Bloggers. T become a Good Problogger again the emphasis would be to get Quality and Consistent Content on your Blog Posts. Do you have more thoughts to share... Post your Comments !

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