Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Adjust Transparency with Windows Transparency Utility

Microsoft has been in the news for its Surface PC for some time and they are planning to roll out the Surface PC to large Businesses like Casinos and Hotels. This simple piece of software might not make your PC a Surface PC but would be something that you would definitely want on your Windows XP laptop or Desktop.

Ryan VanMiddlesworth has a cool utility that control the Transparency on utilities in Windows 2000 and XP Operating Systems. Once the Installation is completed the small piece of code Written in C language would allow users to Toggle the Transparency of a utility. For Example Look at the Screenshot below...

This is a great utility when users would like to do work on Multiple Tasks like Watching a Movie in the Background and Working on your Excel Spreadsheet at the same time with the Whole Screen to your Use. Users can Toggle the Transparency rate of a utility by using the Ctrl + Shift + Keys(1 -9) with 1 being the highest Transparency and 0 being the Lowest Transparency.

The Transparency Utility is absolutely Free to Download for Non Commerical Use and can be downloaded for Free from Ryans Home page. You can Donate to Ryan at his Paypal Donation TipJar at his HomePage.

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