Friday, July 20, 2007

Windows XP Tips and Tricks For Your PC

Windows Vista still in a testing stage of its Life Windows XP has become the most reliable Operating System for Microsoft.Did you know that you can Delete Files Permanently from Windows XP by Deleting a File with the Shift Key on Hold. Here are some tricks that would help in Windows XP Operating System.

ShutDown and Restart Windows XP:
You can Shutdown and Restart your Windows XP PC by Holding on the Windows Key + Press the Key U twice to (shutdown) and R twice to (Reboot) your PC. This Trick has worked only in Windows Home Edition. Have you tried in other Versions.

Shortcut for Explorer,Run Dialog Box and System Properties:
You can access the Windows Explorer by using the key + E key. The Run Dialog can be accessed using key with +R key. You can access the System Properties in your Control Panel by using the key with Break key.

Reduce the Volume Control Size:
you can reduce the volume control bar size by using the CTRL+S Key. Open the Windows Volume controll panel and press CTRL+S key. This not only reduces the size but at the same time reduces memory usage.

View Image Thumbnails with No Names:
You probably would have a collection of images in a directory in your Hard Disk. You can remove the name of the thumbnail images by pressing the SHIFT key when opening the thumbnails. You can Repeat the process to get back the image names.

Find out How long Your PC has be Turned ON:
This is my favourite one. Go to START menu and then ALL PROGRAMS and then RUN Option is chosen. Type in SYSTEMINFO . Information about your PC as when it was last rebooted and how long your PC has been ON.

Create a Customized Toolbar:
Create a Folder with your Shortcuts and save it . Now right click on the Taskbar Menu and then Choose Toolbar and Choose the New Toolbar Option. Now Select the Folder that contains the Shortcuts. A New customized Toolbar is created on yourTaskbar.You can Find more tips on Windows XP .

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Riyas said...

Great tips. Simple also. I like it!
I have added a link to this blog in my blog. Thank you.

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Tweaks 4 Pc said...

Some of these tips will really come in handy. Thanks for sharing!