Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Windows Vista: How to add Partitions in Windows Vista

One of my friend recently purchased a New laptop and as he wasnt a Computer Geek he had asked me a question about partition his hard disk. The question is How do i partition my Hard disk in Windows Vista.

In Windows Vista the partitions are called as "VOLUMES" and here are the steps to partitions your hard disk in Windows Vista OS.

  • Click the start button and type diskmgmt.msc and press <Enter> to launch the DiskManagement utility.
  • So to create a New partition free some space on the current partition my right clicking on the existing partition and choose option "shrink volume".
  • Vista then would open up a dialog box and pop up a question asking you for the size of the new partition.
  • After shrinking you can click on the "unallocated space " and choose "New simple Volume".
  • Then all you have do is to follow the disk wizard steps of creating and formatting a new drive(assigning a drive name and also the file system.
That was a great improvement from the XP system where one had to go into the Boot option and then create a Partition. Hats off the microsoft for this great improvement !!. Bloggers let me know if this technique works for you.

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Mark Rohan said...

Hi i too got a laptop wit vista and was breakin my head as to how to partition d HDD. I tried proggies like Avanquest Partition Mgr but of no use.. I tried wat u told me but my HDD has 90 gb free disk space but wen i tried d shrink volume option it allowed me to have a max partition of 25gb only.. Any ideas as to how this can be increased?