Sunday, July 15, 2007

VLC Player Windows Vista: Do You Too Have Trouble Issues

I have been getting some traffic for the VLC Media Player posts that i had posted earlier a couple of days back. When i looked at the Traffic keyword that let people to land on my page. Everyone were looking for "VLC player Vista" and I too was one of them to face the issue. VlC player indeed has trouble working in Windows Vista(32bit mode or 64bit mode). I had a geeky friend with whoom i worked out in resolving the issue.

VLC player Under Windows Vista:
VLC player has been working fine for a couple of users while it has malfunctioned for others. Either the Audio plays with out the Video or Vice versa or Doesn't play at all. So by experience from some of my friends who have used Windows vista i would suggest

For those interested in why VLC player isnt working with Windows Vista is that Vista uses a New graphics Interface DirectX10. and VLC player is not compatible to this Video Module by default and so there is the incompatability. It seems to that both the Vista Team and VLC player had missed this minute detail while designing.

So the solution first depends on what graphics card do you have on your System.. Might be an Nvidia or ATI graphics card. Again i emphasis please Step 2)upgrade your Graphic Driver software to the can download it (Nvidia).

Step3) Open your VLC player and Scroll Down to Setting -----> Preferences Menu
Step4)Once you Click on Preferences a menu like below would open up on the screen. On the Left would be the screen as Below.. Open the Video Menu option for some more submenus. Mean while if you look at the right side bottom of your screen you would see the screenshot as shown in figure 2. As pointed by the arrow Tick the Advanced Options menu as in figure 2

figure 2

Step5) Once you have choosen the Video menu it would open up to three more sub menus.
  • Filters
  • Output Modules
  • Subtitles/OSD
Step6) Choose the Output Modules option in the Sub menus as shown in the screenshot below

Step7) For "Windows Vista 64 bit mode " mode you can select Windows GDI" option. Restart your PC and you are ready to go. For "Windows Vista 32 bit mode " use the DirectX option to work. If these options dont work for you.. You can try other options in the menu like the Windows GDI ouput, Open GDI output format.

I have tried the Windows GDI and the DirectX option and both have worked for me. Let me know which mode has worked for you. Post your comments.

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