Friday, July 13, 2007

VLC Player Tricks : Increase the Volume to 400%

Here is a trick that i had learned having used for a Long time and i wanted to share it with my Readers. I had previously written an article on the release of VLC player 0.8.6 version and its compatability with Windows Vista. Well that article has brought in an enormous traffic to my Blog and is ranked 1 for the search term "VLC Player vista" in Google.

Let me ask you the Question. Do you know that you can increase the volume in your VLC player to 400% of its actual volume. If no..

Here is the trick:
  • Hold CTRL+ and Keep Pressing theKey on your Keyboard. You would see an icon on the top right corner of your VLC player
  • The icon would increase from 100% to 200% to... 400% and increase the volume on your player.
Shortcuts in VLC player
  1. Space Bar + Key is used for Pausing the Video that is currently playing in VLC player
  2. Shift Key + { <-- or -->} arrow keys would forward the video by 3 seconds.
  3. Alt Key + { <-- or -->} arrow keys will forward the video by 10 seconds
  4. Ctrl Key + { <-- or -->} arrow keys will forward the video by 60 seconds
All the above settings can be modified from the Settings --> Preferences --> Interface -->Hotkeys settings . You can edit which keys you would want to set for Forward or Rewind or Stop vidoes.

Did you know these tricks before.. or Have you got any more tricks to share. Shares your tricks with other Bloggers.

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Abijah Gupta said...

Thanks for the tip...
It works.. :)