Thursday, July 26, 2007

Transfer VHS Tapes to DVD at your Home

So here is a project that i had been working with a Friend in the last week. How to Convert your VHS Tapes of Wedding, Birthday parties etc into DVD. Plextor has a nice Gadget that could be used to Convert your VHS tapes in to DVD Form.

Gadgets Required for Video Conversion
  • A DVD Burner for Editing the Video before Burning it into DVD
  • A PC or Laptop for Recording the Video from the VHS Tapes
  • Plextor ConvertX model PX-AV100U( Costs about 79$)
  • Have about 10 -15 GB of Space in your Hard Disk
  • Check out the Plextor Website for More Specifications
As you look at the Picture on the Top there are three sockets on the Back of the PX-AV100U. There is a White, Red, Yellow Sockets(Video and Audio Ports). You need to connect these color coded Cables from your VCR.

The PX-AV100U is nothing but an Analog to Digital Convertor that converts the Analog Signals from your VHS or VCR into Digital Form. The PX-AV100U is accompanied by a Divx Licensed Software, WinDVD Software CD's which would need to be installed on your PC.

Plextor PX-AV100U connects to your PC using the USB Port. Remember to set your USB Port to High Speed. Check your Sound Control Setting on your PC so that your Line In Jack is Enabled and Volume is set to 100% or Maximum.

Once all the cables are connected put your VHS Tape in to your VCR but do not Play it. Install the Free WinDVD Creator Software from the CD that accompanies the Plextor Device.

Reboot your PC and Open the WinDVD creator software. Now a bit of Tweaking for the Best Video Quality.Look for the Capture Video Into Hard Disk Option.This option turns out to be a better Quality option for Video than the Option "Capture Video to DVD".

Then Insert a Blank DVD into your DVD Drive so Burn the Video that is copied from the VHS Tape. Goto WinDVD creater Menu and then look out for Tools --->Options --->Direct Recording Tab.

Under the Direct Recording Tab you need to the set the Record Profile to the Best Quality with a Time Rating Longer than 60 Minutes. Under the Video Options Menu select the Video Format that is compatible with your DVD player. Check out the DVD Player Manual for Video Format that can be playable on the DVD player.

Once the Tweaking Part is Done. On the Main menu on the Top click the Capture Button. Press the Play Button on your VCR . A Blue screen would appear on your Left and Video will start Playing on the screen after a Few Seconds.
If you would like to Adjust the Video and Audio setting Click on the
icon and you can adjust your Video and Audio Setting as Required. The preview screen on the WinDVD would allow you Play the Video. You can check the Video and Audio Quality of the Video Recorded.

It is best to leave the Computer idle during Video Recording process as it takes an Enormous Amount of RAM and Processor Speed. Once the Video is completely captured or Recorded Directly into the DVD. The DVD gets ejected

A single VHS to DVD conversion at a Commercial Plac can cost you anywhere between 20$-40$. You just need to make an Investment for the Plextor Device and you can burn your Video for Free for a Life Time at your Door Step.

I would be interested in Users Comments on this Post. Have you used any other Techniques for VHS to DVD conversion . Post your Comments.
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