Friday, July 13, 2007

Stanford Lectures Online Podcast on Apple Itunes

Stanford one of the world most prestigious university in the world in collaboration with Apple Computers has an online podcast program with Categories ranging from subjects like Arts,Science,Law,Media and Communication.

All the lectures on the podcast are free to download and all you need is A laptop ,Internet connection and an interest to learn online. You can download athe Itunes software at and instantly look for Standford podcast in the Podcast section.

Download any lecture that interests you in to your Itunes player and listen to it as many number of times you want. You can download lectures from lessons on Global Warming to Baseballs have stiches to Are you a good quizzer etc.Here is the link to open the Itunes Stanford Podcast page

I would post about another Great university that had some great podcasts in the field of science and technology in the coming posts in a couple of days. Watch out for it.

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