Monday, July 30, 2007

Play with your Feeds using Protopage Feed Reader

Protopage is a Site that has more to do with Fun that work. The site is a Feed Reader to begin with but has you would spend more time with Cartoons, Podcasts, Video Feeds and finally the Widget Tool.

Protopage is an Ajax based Feed Reader that adds a Lot of interactivity to Feed Readers compared to a Google Reader or the Blog lines Feed Reader.

Each User can Customize his Protopage based on his needs. By Default there are Five Sections like the Podcast, Cartoons, Videos, Productivity and Untitled Sections. Users can add as Many Sections as Required to their Protopage.

Feed Readers can also add Widgets, News Feeds to their Protopages by entering the Feed Address directly in to the Feed Bar. Readers can add Widgets like Calendars, Photos, Web page,Email Box, Google Maps, Sticky Note etc to their Feed pages. Users can even add Third Party Widgets to their Protopages. Further users can set their Protopages as Personal, Public or Password Protected.

I like the Feature of Password Protection Where a user can set a Group Password to Page that can be accessed by Multiple users using the Password.

I Particularly like the Interactiveness of Protopage Feed Reader. Blog lines and Google Readers are Kind of Uninteresting without any kind of Interactivity in the Feed pages. The Ajax Based News Aggregator .

Protopage looks similar to the Post it Notes that users can use to Post Notes on their Desktop. A color Rich Interactibe RSS reader. The Best Feature about Protopage is you can Bookmark the Page on your Browser and when ever you come across an Interesting Website you can Protopage it by clicking the Boomark Link. Sounds Very Interesting!

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