Sunday, July 29, 2007

Online Lectures and Podcasts from MIT

MIT also known as Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a Free OpencourseWare that allows students, self learners across the world to access Top class Lecturers and Videos for over 150 courses.

The Open course ware is Free Service and does not require any Registration/. The lectures and Videos can be downloaded and viewed Offline.

MIT open course ware offers Regular Newsletter for any one who sign up their news letters on new courses and updates of lectures and videos.

The Open course ware is also available in Translated version like Spanish,Chinese,Portugal etc. Courses at the Open course Ware range from Arts and Science, Engineering, History to Women Studies and Linguistics.

Currently Videos Lectures are offered in certain courses and can be played using the Real Media Player.

MIT also participates in a Open Course Ware Consortium that is participated by some top universities across the world. It is probably time for Open Source Knowledge!

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