Sunday, July 29, 2007

iZoho Mobile Version of Zoho Office Suite for iPhones

iZoho also populary known as the Free Microsoft Office has recently released the iphone version of its Popular software Zoho.iZoho lets users owning a iPhone to access Zoho applications on thier iPhone.

iZoho is a simplified version of Zoho version that has been designed especially for Mobile Phones and PDA's. iZoho currently support three different packages the Zoho writer, sheet and the snow.

The iZoho Software that has been released when the iPhone arrived in the market had initial Glitches that prevented users from opening Documents and view Presentations on the iPhone. After a few fixes it looks like the Bugs have been fixed and users currently can Edit Documents in the iPhone but can only view Power Point presentations and Spreadsheets.

So have you used the Izoho Software on the Iphone or any other Mobile Phone and does it work perfectly for you. Post your Comments.

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