Monday, July 23, 2007

How to Start Writing a Blog For Passion or for Money

So what Exactly is a Blog. Wikipedia gives the following Definition
"A blog (a portmanteau of web log) is a website where entries are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order".

A blog is usually written by one person like Problogger , Labnol or written by several people like Gizmodo, Engadget or Gofugyourself etc. A Blog is usually updated several times a day or once a day depending on the Blogger.

People write Blogs for Several reasons. One could be passion and the other could be for money. What ever it is Blogging is Seriously Addictive and it really brings a change in the way you look at things in life. Blogging would definitely make a change in your life. It all depends How long you are willing to stick on to it.
  • So who can start a Blog? Just any one in this world
  • What Qualifications do you need to Start a Blog ? Absolutely Nothing
  • I heard that you need to be an expert in various fields to start Blogging ? Wrong, False You just need a passion for things in life.
  • How can i start a Blog when i don't know What to Blog about ? Well that is a good question. Everyone in this world is passionate about certain things. Like for example iam passionate about gadgets, software etc. Some one might be passionate about cars, games, ipods, music etc. So if you are passionate about certain things you would definitely have a good knowledge about those passions. You would freak out to know the latest iPhone that has been released in the market. You would want to know the latest music that has hit the market. This is just an example all you need to figure out is what is that something you are passionate about?
  • OK i have figured out that Iam passionate about "X" topic How do i start a Blog? So you have figured out how to start a Blog the next step would be to either start at a Free service Like Blogger, Word press ,Typepad or Host your Own Website on a Service. The best suggestion would be try one of the Free services like Blogger, Word press for a couple of months and once you have gained enough Knowledge to Start a full Fledged Blog than you can host your Blog on a Domain.
  • OK i have Started a Blog What Next ? The most important aspect of Blogging is Content and Posting Regularly. Quality Content and Regular Posting are the most important aspects for a Blog.
  • Iam Posting Regularly I don't get any Comments Iam Thinking to quit ? Consider this there are Million Bloggers in this world who are just as passionate about Blogging just like you. There is a Blog started every 1minute across the world and you are one of them. It will take Time and Effort to get recognized. After all Success comes at a price if not You wont relish the taste of Success. Answering the second part of the Question You would Get comments on your Blog when you start commenting and Linking with Other Blogs. It is not enough to just Post everyday and wait for people to come to your Blog and Post comments.
  • Ok I have started a Blog What Next ? The next thing would be to learn a bit about using Keywords, Search Engine Optimization(which i dont believe), Website Optimization ,Website Design, Email Services, RSS Feeds etc
  • Ok I have done that I dont get Traffic ? If you are a regular Blogger than Traffic is Going to come on its own Once you have optimized your site.
Well these are a few Tips to get you started with a Blog. These are the common Questions that a Amateur Blogger would find in his Mind. The key to it. Believe in yourself. Success in Blogging is going to Time. It is not going to Come overnight. A great Video to Start off would be How to start a Blog on a Domain
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