Monday, July 09, 2007

How to Send a Free Fax From your PC

I had been searching for a solution of sending fax without purchasing a Fax machine. Well here is a solution that i had come across by the recommendation of one of my friend. Ofcourse there is a hitch that you need to have a computer with an internet connection.

Fax Zero.comis a website that lets users to send faxes for free to anywhere in the United States or Canada. There is no User Registration or any other nonsense of subscription on the website.
  • All you have to do have the content to fax in either a .DOC or .PDF format and attach the file on the website.
  • Enter the Receivers Name and Email Address
  • Enter the Receivers Fax number
Ofcourse all this for the Free user option which anyone can use from their website. With Free there always comes a restriction. A user can only send 2 faxes at the max per day and each Fax can be maximum of 3 pages.

If you are one of those who use's Fax machine once in a while than this is a perfect solution for you. You can send your faxes for Free using this Faxzero website.

If you are a regular bulk users than you can use the Premium Fax services for which you pay $1.99 per fax. It has a restriction of 15pages per fax.

I have been using this Fax service for a Long time and has been very reliable in terms of Quality and interms of delivery service. What do you think? Have you used the FaxZero service. Let me know your comments.

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